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Nutriment Blue Oil, Concentrated Face Oil Strengthens Nails, Reprograms Dry Skin

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Intelligently Designed to Reprogram Skin. Everyone Needs Nutriment Blue Oil. 

Like Dew Drops From Heaven, Nutriment Blue Oil infuses moisture deep into the skin at the cellular level. This intensive moisture replenishing formula can also be blended with any other moisturizers to turbo-charge moisture replenishment and is a transformational nighttime moisturizing treatment.

Natural plant lipids help to repair the skin’s natural barrier and reprogram dry skin for long-lasting softness and comfort. Absorbs beautifully.


  • Use Daily For The Best Skin Of Your Life!
  • Super Charged, Nourishing Complex of Vitamins A+C+D+E and¬†Phyto-lipids.
  • Intended to provide deep cellular infusion.¬†
  • Luxurious, Nutrient-Rich Blue Oil.
  • Bathes your skin in nourishing, hydrating moisture.
  • Helps to nourish skin, strengthen nails, condition cuticles, and smooth hair.
  • Softens skin on hands and feet.
  • Smells absolutely wonderful.
  • Absorbs quickly¬†
  • Doesn't feel oily and leaves no residue.
  • All-natural
  • Use at full strength or add a few Dew Drops to any cream or serum.
  • Super-charge and accelerate the effectiveness of any skincare product.
  • Super-charges masques and moisturizers in moments.
  • Highly Concentrated Blue Oil¬†
  • 1.12 Fl. oz¬†
  • Beautiful New Glass Bottle & Precision Pump Dispenser


  • Apply liberally, massage undiluted into the skin.
  • Intensifies the softness of hands and feet.¬†
  • Nourishment for Face, Hands, Cuticles, Nails, Heels.
  • Apply to cuticles to soften¬†
  • Massage over nails once a day¬†
  • Smoothing hair oil: Incredibly hydrating and nourishing hair oil.
  • Perfect for eliminating flyaways.
  • Amplify Paraffin Treatment results. Apply directly to skin before applying paraffin wax treatments to hands & feet.
  • ¬†Massage 1-2 pumps onto hands or feet prior to treatments with paraffin or heated mitts.
  • AM/PM: For added lubrication and protection from dryness.
  • Enrich¬†any¬†serum, gel, lotion, cr√®me, or masque.¬†
  • Use periodically throughout the day.¬†
  • Highly recommended for extreme weather or arid conditions.¬†
  • Use whenever skin feels parched or dry, looks dull, or needs to be revitalized.


Slightly to Extremely Dehydrated, Flakey | Scaly | Lipid-Poor | Hormonal | Mature/Maturing | Surface Lines | Exposure to Moisture-Dry Climates | Dull, Tired, Devitalized | Lacking Surface Flexibility | Skin Treated By Steam, Paraffin Masques or Collagen Blankets


Exclusive blend of hybrid Sunflower, Kukui, Evening Primrose, Borage, and other barrier-repairing plant oils; Vitamins A, C, D & E, and calming essential oils of Lavandin, Petitgrain, Amyris and Blue Azulene from Roman Chamomile.

Paraben-free, light fresh scent, won't clog pores, all-natural, never tested on animals.

13 Rese√Īas

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