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The Ultimate Scrub Exfoliate & Refine

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One of the Most Extensively Researched Exfoliating Blends Ever Developed For The Skin. Lipid-Rich, Skin Barrier Protecting, Proprietary Blend of Organic Micro-grains, Plant Flower Extracts; Aloe Vera, Vitamin B5, JOJOBA, Orange Peel, Vitamin A, B5 & B7.  


 Deep Cleans & Clears Pores, Reduces Pore Size, Moisturizes & Hydrates, Brightens, Softens, Calms & Rejuvenates Skin.   

  • ¬†Exfoliating Scrub & Protects¬†Skin Barrier:¬†Perfectly round, non-abrading micro-grains of Ecuadorian Ivory Palm Seeds & Jojoba Beads.¬†

  • Deep cleans¬†pores:¬†visibly reduces large & small pore size.¬†Clears skin congestion, debris, dirt.

  • Rapid Acting & Skin Brightening:¬†clears & cleanses debris & congestion. Buffs away lines, uneven texture, imperfections & removes skin¬†dulling, aging surface skin cells.

  • Moisturizing & Hydrating:¬†Instantly defeats dryness & infuses¬†lipid-rich, nourishing moisture layers deep.¬†

  • Stimulates & Rejuvenates Skin:¬†Promotes Healthy skin cell production & cellular turnover: Skin is remarkably cleared, brighter, smoother, softer & more hydrated in seconds.

  • Instantly Awakens¬†Skin:¬†Reveals fresh, brightened, smoother, more supple & polished skin.¬†

  • Gives makeup a smoother, natural-looking finish.


  • Slightly Dry to Normal

  • Dry or Combination Skin

  • Slightly Oily 24-Hour Combination Skin System

  • The Ultimate Scrub Delivers Visibly Moist Skin Relief to Dry Skin.

  • Non-Irritating¬†

  • 2 Oz Jar

How To Use 

Lightly massage over moist skin for 30 to 60 seconds.
Rinse well with warm water. Use 1-3 times a week.

This scrub is perfect for whole-body spot treatments. 

Additional Treatment: After cleansing, apply a thin layer of scrub over the entire face and neck. Gently massage in upward circles for about 1-2 minutes. Remove with warm water or a warm moist sponge. 


Ecuadorian Ivory Palm Seeds | gentle micro-grains buff away unwanted surface cells
Jojoba Beads | non-abrasive, biodegradable alternative to polyethylene beads that gently polish away surface cells
Aloe Barbadensis Gel | hydrating gel; keeps skin moist and supple
Calcium Pantothenate | stabilized form of Vitamin B5; conditions, softens, and hydrates
Soothing Plant Extracts | keep skin calm and comfortable during the exfoliating process

Made in The USA

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