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Ultra Calming Serum For Sensitive Skin, Relieves Skin on Contact

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Relieves discomfort on contact and calms signs of redness within minutes; great on sunburn, windburn, after shaving, razor burn & bumps, waxing or tweezing. 

Use before and after AHA and other irritating treatments, laser, microdermabrasion, or other non-ablative procedures.


  • Relieves signs of tingling, stinging, and other discomforts on contact.
  • Visibly reduces signs of redness within minutes,
  • Helps relieve redness in rosacea skin tones with twice-daily use over time.
  • Helps control signs of irritation caused by AHAs, Vitamin C, or microdermabrasion.
  • Calms skin after waxing, tweezing, sunburn, or sun exposure.
  • Helps reduce the risk of peeling or roughness after sunburn or treatments.
  • Helps protect barrier lipids to keep skin soft and supple when exposed to smoke, smog, or UV Rays.
  • Worn daily calms sensitive skin and helps control the underlying cause of aging.

Skin Conditions

Redness, Tingling or Stinging | Waxed or Tweezed Skin | Chronically-Sensitive | Acne-Prone | Exposure to Tobacco Smoke, Urban Smog or UV Light | Itchy, Non-Poisonous Insect Bites or Stings Barrier Damaged | Post-Peel, -Laser And -Microdermabrasion | Sunburn | Rosacea-Prone | Exposure to AHAs, Vitamin C, Sunscreens or Other Irritants.


Gently apply 1-3 pumps of Instant Calm Ultra Complex over sensitive areas. Whenever possible apply to clean skin. Wear alone or under moisturizer.

To Help Reduce Signs of Sensitivity in Sensitive Complexions or Counteract Surface Inflammation that Leads to Aging: Morning and evening, apply 1-2 pumps of Instant Calm Ultra Complex over a clean face and throat prior to applying moisturizer. May be worn alone or blended with any or our Serums, Complexes.

For Soothing Signs of Irritation from Insect Bites, Sunburn, Or Cosmetic Products: Apply 1 drop of Instant Calm Ultra Complex to the affected area with clean fingertips or a cotton swab.

Facial Procedure

Pre-treat skin with Instant Calm Ultra Complex before AHA or other potentially-irritating procedures to reduce stinging, redness, or other visible signs of irritation. Apply Instant Calm Ultra Complex liberally to the area receiving procedure. Allow the gel to dry thoroughly before continuing with the procedure. If extractions have been performed during the facial process, apply 1/2 pump per facial quadrant before applying other finishing products at end of the facial. May also be used on acne-prone, AHA-treated, or otherwise traumatized skin at end of the facial.

Signs of Temporary Inflammation: With clean fingers, cotton swab, or cotton pad, apply Instant Calm Ultra Complex to clean skin. Application: 1 pump for approximately 4 square inches of the skin surface. Depending upon the level of discomfort, apply every 1-4 hours until signs are relieved.


White, Green & Red Tea | calm signs of redness and tingling in seconds 
Sea Whip | strongest soothing action of all sea-derived calming agents; soothes in seconds. 
Kola, Mate & Guarana Extracts | reduces signs of irritation caused by AHAs, sunscreens, and acids. 
Algae Extract | sea plant-derived hydrator; improves skin’s barrier and moisture-holding ability. 
Glycerin |plant-derived hydrator; remoisturizes skin’s natural barrier.

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