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The V Spotūüíē Intimate Skin Care Set. Inside and Out. Tighten, Firm, Moisturize

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 The V Spot Intimate Skin Care Set 
Advanced Skin Firming, Tightening & Moisturizing
 Inside & Out
Anti-Aging, SKIN FIRMING, Intimate Tightening, O-Boosting Intimacy Set

Multiple Patented Ingredients - Clinically Proven


  • One -¬†NEW pk24 Intimate Tightening Serum:¬†¬†Internal V Tightening & Orgasm Enhancing Solution, Mild Incontinence Aid.

  • One - Taut & Tone Advanced Intimate Skin Firming¬†Complex¬†- Rapid Firming and Restoration For External Intimate Skin. Re-firming & restore volume to external intimate skin.
  • Impressive, Rapid firming, tightening and toning of external intimate skin beginning in 3 to 7 days.
  • One - Moisture Perfecting Creme¬†Gentle & Pure Intensive Moisture Restoration for depleted skin.¬†¬†


    pk24 Intimate Tightening Serum 

    The Premier Internal V Tightening & O Boosting Solution.

    • Dramatically improves a woman's personal intimate satisfaction.
    • Intensive Internal V-Tightening.
    • Soaring Feminine Intimate Confidence.
    • Skin Barrier & Bio-Lipid Repair.
    • Helps to reduce annoying leaks & occurrences associated with mild urinary incontinence. Sneezing, Coughing, Laughing.

    Taut & Tone Advanced Intimate Skin Firming Complex 

    Patented Matrixyl Peptides smooth, rejuvenate, firm, lift, and contour skin as much as 68% 

    Rapid, Impressive, Lasting Firming. Restores Bounce-Back, Resilience To Skin. Face, Cheeks, Neck, Jowls, and Even External Intimate Skin! 

      • Bounce Back Snap & Resilience Beginning in 3 to 7 days.
      • Re-Firms & Restores Volume, Bounce, Contours
      • Fast Early Results, Lasting & Progressive Improvement With Continued Use.
      • Clinically Proven To Provide "Impressive" Firming


        Moisture Perfecting Creme

        Gentle & Pure Intensive Moisture Restoration For All Skin.

        This lightweight, dual-moisturizing formula actually ‚Äúreprograms‚ÄĚ slightly dry and dehydrated skin to measurably retain more moisture for immediate comfort that lasts up to 20 hours.


        • Reprograms dry skin for immediate comfort that lasts up to 20 hours
        • Leaves skin remarkably soft and smooth to touch.
        • Eliminates visible dryness that leads to premature aging.
        • Lipid-rich moisture barrier repair.
        • Effectively repairs, nourishes, and replenishes skin, including delicate intimate skin.¬†
        • Intensive, Usable Moisture.
        • Creamy Balm. Works Miracles To Repair & Reprogram¬†Dry to Extremely-Dry, Chaffed Skin, Depleted Skin & Provides Rapid Repair.
        • Holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water in and between cells.

          Clinically Proven



          Features patented Matrixyl Peptides; an amino acid chain based on a skin-repair peptide discovered at the National Institutes of Health.

          Matrixyl Peptides smooth, rejuvenate and contour skin as much as 68% 

          Coneflower improves skin firmness up to 36% in two to four weeks.

          Chlorella Vulgaris Extract supports the production of collagen and increases cellular energy.

          Grape Leaf; protects from loss of firmness.

          Black Currant; protects from loss of firmness.

          Passionflower; protects from loss of firmness and maintains the skin’s elasticity.

          Algae Peptides help increase skin firmness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

          Safe, non-surgical, stimulant-free.


          Moisturizing Lipids | found naturally in skin, these lipids hold comforting moisture between skin cells
          Panthenol | ProVitamin B5; returns skin’s moisture levels to normal; helps smooth fine lines and other signs of surface aging
          Lipid-Rich Lubricants | provides essential lipids to smooth rough skin and reinforce skin’s natural barrier
          Sodium Hyaluronate | bioactive moisturizer; holds up to 1000 times its weight in water on skin
          Beta Carotene | ProVitamin A; most active antioxidant form; protects DNA from free radical damage
          Green Tea | standardized for natural soothing antioxidants 

          pH 5.7, Oil-in-water emulsion, 2 oz. Jar

          Does not contain color, fragrance, essential oils, drying alcohol, lanolin, mineral oil, petrolatum, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives.

            Patch-Test recommended for allergy sufferers and hypersensitive skin types.


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