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The V Spot💕 Organic Intimate Skin Care Set. Inside and Out. Tighten, Firm, Moisturize

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 The V Spot Intimate Skin Care Set 
Advanced Skin Firming, Tightening & Moisturizing
 Inside & Out
Anti-Aging, SKIN FIRMING, Intimate Tightening, O-Boosting Intimacy Set

Multiple Patented Ingredients - Clinically Proven


  • One - pk24 Intimate Tightening Serum:  Internal V Tightening & Orgasm Enhancing Solution, Mild Incontinence Aid.
  • One - Taut & Tone Advanced Intimate Skin Firming Complex - Rapid Firming and Restoration For External Intimate Skin. Re-firming & restore volume to external intimate skin.
  • Impressive, Rapid firming, tightening and toning of external intimate skin beginning in 3 to 7 days.
  • One - Continuous Moisture Creme Gentle & Pure Intensive Moisture Restoration for depleted skin.  


    pk24 Intimate Tightening Serum 

    The Premier Internal V Tightening & O Boosting Solution.

    • Dramatically improves a woman's personal intimate satisfaction.
    • Intensive Internal V-Tightening.
    • Soaring Feminine Intimate Confidence.
    • Skin Barrier & Bio-Lipid Repair.
    • Helps to reduce annoying leaks & occurrences associated with mild urinary incontinence. Sneezing, Coughing, Laughing.

    Taut & Tone Advanced Intimate Skin Firming Complex 

    Patented Matrixyl Peptides smooth, rejuvenate, firm, lift, and contour skin as much as 68% 

    Rapid, Impressive, Lasting Firming. Restores Bounce-Back, Resilience To Skin. Face, Cheeks, Neck, Jowls, and Even External Intimate Skin! 

      • Bounce Back Snap & Resilience Beginning in 3 to 7 days.
      • Re-Firms & Restores Volume, Bounce, Contours
      • Fast Early Results, Lasting & Progressive Improvement With Continued Use.
      • Clinically Proven To Provide "Impressive" Firming


        Continuous Moisture Creme

        Gentle & Pure Intensive Moisture Restoration for all skin.
        • Continuous Moisture Creme rebuilds skin’s protective moisture barrier by up to 450% in just 5 to 9 days.
        • Lipid-rich moisture barrier repair.
        • Effectively repairs, nourishes, and replenishes skin, including delicate skin. 
        • Intensive, Usable Moisture.
        • Lipid-Rich, Creamy Balm. Works Miracles To Repair & Reprogram Dry to Extremely-Dry, Chaffed Skin, Depleted Skin & Provides Rapid Repair.
        • Holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water in and between cells.

          Clinically Proven



          Features patented Matrixyl Peptides; an amino acid chain based on a skin-repair peptide discovered at the National Institutes of Health.

          Matrixyl Peptides smooth, rejuvenate and contour skin as much as 68% 

          Coneflower improves skin firmness up to 36% in two to four weeks.

          Chlorella Vulgaris Extract supports the production of collagen and increases cellular energy.

          Grape Leaf; protects from loss of firmness.

          Black Currant; protects from loss of firmness.

          Passionflower; protects from loss of firmness and maintains the skin’s elasticity.

          Algae Peptides help increase skin firmness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

          Safe, non-surgical, stimulant-free.


          Chirally correct DexPanthenol sends essential moisture to cells deep within the skin’s surface, and lipid-replacing plant oils deliver immediate comfort to ultra-dry skin. DexPanthenol | chirally-correct provitamin B5; returns skin’s moisture levels to normal; helps smooth fine lines and other signs of surface aging

          Liposomal Rosemary – rich in natural Ursolic Acid – rebuilds skin’s protective moisture barrier by up to 450% in nine days. Most people begin to feel a difference in their skin in 3-5 days, and dry skin is under control by day nine.

          Moisturizing Lipids | found naturally in the skin, these lipids hold comforting moisture between skin cells

          Lipid-Rich Lubricants | provides essential lipids to smooth rough skin and reinforces the skin’s natural barrier

          Sodium Hyaluronate | bioactive moisturizer; holds up to 1000 times its weight in water on the skin.

          Essential Oil of Rose

          pH 5.7, Oil-in-water emulsion, 2 oz. Jar

          Does not contain color, fragrance, essential oils, drying alcohol, lanolin, mineral oil, petrolatum, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives.


            Pure Aloe Barbadensis Leaf; Aloe is a soothing, moisturizing, healing plant extract. Aloe vera provides beneficial vitamins and minerals, contains 75+ active compounds, including vitamins & minerals and amino acids. Aloe reduces inflammation, cleanses the skin, and acts as a natural antiseptic.

            Vitamins A, C, E.

            Organic Plant Glycerin is an emollient skin conditioner and makes skin moist and supple. A natural moisturizing ingredient, glycerin draws moisture to the top layer of the skin and helps plump the skin. Glycerin keeps skin soft and smooth, improves skin functionality, and slows aging. 

            Potassium Alum: a naturally occurring mineral: Potassium Alum functions to assist in skin tightening, helps to inhibit skin laxity challenges, serves as an astringent, and helps to reduce odor caused by bacteria. 

            Sodium Citrate: pH Control; an anti-antioxidant and natural preservative. In personal care products, sodium citrate primarily functions as a buffering agent to control and balance the pH level. Plant-based ingredient emulsion: reduce surface tension, acting as lubricants on the skin's surface, giving the skin a soft, smooth texture and enhancing glide properties. Ultra- Light Natural Cherry flavoring, food grade: Never tested on animals. Gentle and pure, sanitary, Does not disrupt flora.

              Preservative blends used in cosmetic lotions, serums, creams, micro-dose prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. Non-irritating, safety tested. Protects consumers and product integrity against a broad range of contaminants.
              Manufactured Only in The United States of America, CGMP Certified and Compliant. Strict quality controlled testing for stability, sanitary production, durability, and microbiological testing. Manufactured in FDA inspected & certified compliant.

              Responsible Practices & Disclaimer: Pregnant or nursing check with your doctor prior to use.

              Patch-Test recommended for allergy sufferers and hypersensitive skin types.


               The V Spot Organic Intimate Skincare Firm Tighten Vagina Inside and Out

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