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Snap! Line Ease Instant Wrinkle Relaxer.Powerful and Patented.

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Eases micro-tension that causes brow furrows and facial lines, plumps & relaxes deep brow furrows, & smooths around eyes, between brow, lip, bunny tracks above nose, chin lines, neck & throat.


  • Ease, lift, smooth tired, sagging, tense skin
  • Surface lines & brow furrows.
  • Ease micro tension and softens expression lines.
  • Relax tense brow and frown lines.
  • Firming Action - High-performance - touchable results.
  • Leaves no residue
  • Instant and Progressive. Mimics Botox effect
  • Super-charged - nourishing hydration.
  •  Deep wrinkles & expression lines 
  • Long-lasting and progressive improvement with continued use.
  • Provides a beautiful healthy glow to the complexion.
  • A highly effective, gentle at-home alternative to expensive facial injections. 
  • 1.12 Oz Supply | 60 Day


    Expression Lines | Firmness | Wrinkles | Aging | Tired |Tense Skin.


    Apply liberally around the eyes, mouth, and other wrinkle-prone areas. Follow with moisturizer. Do not use oil-based products. Do not smile or otherwise move surface skin until the serum is dry, 1-2 minutes. Leaves no residue. Dries smooth and flexible.

    Snap! Line-Ease Serum Concentrate should be applied to the skin before moisturizer, allow two minutes for the serum to dry. In addition, a second application may be applied after moisturizer and/or sunscreen for an added boost.


    SNAP-8 | patented octapeptide 
    Filmexel | a biomimetic film helps preserve the natural barrier function while lifting, smoothing, and improving the overall appearance & glow of the skin. 
    Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B-12) | cell energizer. 
    Ergothioneine | antioxidant amino acid; helps counteract damage from oxidative stress.

    32 reviews

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