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Zoom PK24 Intimate Tightening Creme - Boutique 24PK24 Intimate Tightening Cream
Zoom PK24 Intimate Tightening Creme - Boutique 24PK24 Intimate Tightening Cream
Zoom PK24 Intimate Tightening Creme - Boutique 24PK24 Intimate Tightening Cream
Zoom PK24 Intimate Tightening Creme - Boutique 24PK24 Intimate Tightening Cream
Zoom PK24 Intimate Tightening Creme - Boutique 24PK24 Intimate Tightening Cream
Zoom PK24 Intimate Tightening Creme - Boutique 24PK24 Intimate Tightening Cream
Zoom PK24 Intimate Tightening Creme, Anti-Aging Vaginal Tightening - Boutique 24

PK24 Intimate Tightening Creme, Anti-Aging Vaginal Tightening

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Trusted by millions of women, pk24 is the premier intimate tightening solution. 

pk24 Vagina Tightening Cream is the restorative, anti-aging, intimacy solution that tightens the internal dimensions of the vagina.

The pk24 effect tightens and dramatically improves satisfaction for a woman and for her partner. pk24 inspires a remarkable renewal of feminine intimate confidence and amplifies a woman's personal satisfaction.

  • pk24 is the proven gentle cream specifically designed for internal vaginal tightening.
  • The high-performance, natural, super-serum that makes coming easy. 
  •  Medically proven and guaranteed to improve satisfaction.
  • The pk24 Effect feels entirely natural and absorbs beautifully.
  • Tightening effects are perfectly balanced and ignite feminine vibrance.
  • pk24 inspires a renewal of feminine sensual & sexual energy. 
  • The pk24 Effect gives you the confidence to know you will be satisfied more easily and more frequently because the subtle tightening enables you to feel so much more.

pk24 inspires healthy intimacy, increases feelings of closeness. Feminine sensual confidence is fabulously empowering and our men find this "mysterious, feminine confidence" captivating and absolutely irresistible. 

The compounding effects of pk24 offer internal tightening, the perfect balance of satisfying internal sensitivity & an unreal level of V-receptiveness.


  • The pk24 effect is designed to feel entirely natural. 

  • pk24 is the most innovative, non-surgical solution for internal V tightening.

  • pk24 is thoughtfully and purposefully designed to enhance satisfaction for virtually every woman & her partner.
  • Climax: the perfect balance of O-inducing, pleasure promoting, friction and glide is achieved with the first application.

INTIMACY: The pk24 effect benefits couples in so many important ways. An impressive finding documented in the clinical trial found the pk24 effect increases intimacy levels and feelings of emotional closeness.

pk24 strikes the perfect balance of gentle friction and glide for immensely satisfying stimulation. The tightened sensation enables women to feel more and greatly enhances internal responsiveness.


Thousands of women have successfully avoided V Rejuvenation Surgery because they found pk24.

Importantly, the pk24 effect provides a majority of the rejuvenating benefits without the risk and expense of invasive surgery. pk24 creates a fully tightened effect, internally. Something VR Surgery doesn't easily accomplish. 

V relaxation can be a surprising result of childbirth. Other causes of skin laxity are natural aging & muscular de-conditioning. When muscles become relaxed, have poor tone, less contraction strength, and lack of internal squeeze control, internal sensations diminish and pleasurable climax-inducing friction and glide become difficult to achieve.

Additionally, when the loss of supple hydration and internal volume decreases, the internal diameters increase and as a result, the sensual side of personal sexual gratification can become greatly diminished for both you and your partner.  pk24 fixes this. 

Members of the medical community agree, pk24 is the recommended alternative to rejuvenation surgery. 


Application of pk24 is quick & easy.  

Apply 1 pearl sized dose - 1 pump or less of the cream to the tip of your middle finger.

    • Insert and lightly massage the formula using a gentle swirling motion for internal coverage.
    • Application takes about 3 seconds.
    • An application pamphlet is included inside the box with your order.
    •  It doesn't require much formula to be highly effective. Less is more.
    • The longer you wait to be sexually active, the stronger the tightening effect becomes. Most women apply pk24 earlier in the day. 

    *Ultra-Tightened Effect 

    Adding a second application within a couple of hours of the first amplifies the tightening effect. The second application is entirely optional and should be based on your own personal preference. 

    Each application is effective for 24+ hours & may last up to 72 hours.

    One Bottle - 60 Applications.

    Routine: Simply apply a pearl-sized dose of pk24 every 2 or 3 days.

     It takes 3 seconds to apply and that's all there is to it. Apply it & forget it. Go on with your day. It's just that easy.




    Pure Aloe Barbadensis Leaf; Aloe is a soothing, moisturizing, healing plant extract. 

    • Aloe vera provides beneficial vitamins and minerals: “Aloe vera contains 75+ active compounds, including vitamins & minerals and amino acids.
    • Aloe reduces inflammation, cleanses the skin, and acts as a natural antiseptic

      Vitamins A, C, E

        Organic Plant Glycerin is an emollient skin conditioner and makes skin moist and supple. A natural moisturizing ingredient, glycerin draws moisture to the top layer of the skin and helps plump the skin. Glycerin keeps skin soft and smooth, improves skin functionality, and slows aging. Glycerin is considered safe to be used on the most delicate skin. 

          • Organic plant glycerin is a wonderful skin humectant. Just like hyaluronic acid, glycerin is an equally effective natural humectant.  
          • There are so many skincare benefits of organic plant glycerin and it is praised for its water-absorbing properties.
          • It is a naturally occurring substance made from plants.
          • Organic Plant Glycerin does not have any environmental hazards.
          • It is a vegan-friendly ingredient used in skincare for the following benefits:
          • Better Hydration: attracts moisture from deeper levels of the epidermis and even air to provide moisture to depleted skin.
          • Help reduce trans-epidermal water loss, thus keeping skin hydrated for a longer period.

        Increased Skin Barrier Function: keeps irritants and microbes at bay by keeping the skin well-moisturized. Protects your skin by strengthening the skin barrier and preventing moisture loss.

          • Improves Skin Tone and Texture: by keeping the skin well hydrated and moisturized. Skin feels smoother. 
          • Suitable for Sensitive Skin.
          • Anti-inflammatory properties which makes it suitable for sensitive skin types and It can help soothe irritation caused by other skin conditions.
          • Non-Comedogenic; Hence, it can be used on the skin without the fear of clogged pores and can be used by all skin types.

        Potassium Alum: a naturally occurring mineral: Potassium Alum functions to inhibit and reduce odor caused by bacteria. Potassium Alum is frequently used in skin creams and cosmetics. Potassium Alum acts as an astringent, tightens the skin, and has antimicrobial properties that serve dual functions as bacteria-killing cleansers. 

        Sodium Citrate: pH Control; an anti-antioxidant, and natural preservative. In personal care products, sodium citrate primarily functions as a buffering agent to control and balance the pH level.  Plant-based ingredient emulsion: reduce surface tension, acting as lubricants on the skin's surface, giving the skin a soft, smooth texture and enhancing glide properties. 

        Ultra- Light Natural Cherry flavoring, food grade: 
          • Food grade, natural ingredients, safe for oral (food grade)
          • pk24 is water-soluble, clear in color, and is non-staining on skin or fabric.
          • Ingredients are plant-based, naturally occurring, and naturally derived. 
          • Never tested on animals.
          • Gentle and pure, sanitary
          • Does not cause infection, does not disrupt flora.
          • Proprietary blend 
          Preservatives: used in micro-doses to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Proprietary blend, non-irritating, micro-dose safety tested protects consumers and product integrity against a broad range of contaminants.
          • Manufactured Only in The United States of America.

          • All products are CGMP Certified and Compliant.

          • Highest standards and regulations. Strict quality controlled testing for stability, sanitary production, durability, and microbiological testing. Clinically proven safe and effective.

          • FDA inspected & certified compliant facilities.

          Responsible Practices & Disclaimer: Pregnant or nursing check with your doctor prior to use.

          Patch-Test recommended for allergy sufferers and hypersensitive skin types.

          pk24 successfully addresses and resolves so many of the issues we as women deal with. The medical community & the pharmaceutical industry wants us to take prescription pills or injections ... in a massive number of cases, none of that is necessary. pk24 works so well and for so many women. It's natural & it safely eliminates an incredible amount of confusion, expense, risk, and hassle. Please try it. 

          According to Mayo Clinic: "Female sexual response is complex. Sexual problems may be due to difficulties with arousal, a lack of desire or both. Many factors can influence sexual desire in women. For example:

          • Many women find that the stresses of daily life reduce their desire for sex.
          • Highs and lows in sexual desire may coincide with the beginning or end of a relationship, or major life changes, such as pregnancy or menopause.
          • For some women, orgasm can be difficult to achieve — causing concerns or preoccupations that lead to a loss of interest in sex.
          • Desire is often connected to a sense of intimacy between partners, as well as past experiences. Over time, mental health troubles can impact biological problems and vice versa." Link to full article

          A couple of things to be aware of: there are a lot of topical products popping up in the market that can irritate delicate skin. Two ingredients that are particularly concerning, 1. Manjakani \ oak gall: This is an industrial ingredient used in the leather tanning industry. Imagine what that does to sensitive, delicate tissue?

          2. CBD: while generally well tolerated on most external skin, delicate vaginal tissue can develop a rash, itching, redness, skin discoloration, dry skin, and even blistering of the skin. Do not use CBD based products if you are on blood thinners or have high blood pressure.

          pk24 does not contain any of those ingredients. pk24 is not a fad or a novelty product. This is a well researched, clinically proven safe and effective topical cream with many years of satisfied consumer history.