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Blur Perfect Skin Line Diffusing Makeup Primer

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Close up & Selfie Ready. Blur Perfect Skin Is Intended To Provide Up Close & Camera Ready Skin Confidence.

Blur Perfect Skin mimics light diffusing effects similar to a soft-focus camera lens and acts like a filter for your face!
  • Light refracting effects blur imperfections 
  • Blur Perfect Skin adds a gorgeous luminous glow to the skin
  • Translucent & clean
  • Non-irritating
  • Exceptionally Lightweight on skin
  • Long-wearing
This is Smart Technology used by professional makeup artists and photographers.

The Light Refracting Technology is intended to brilliantly blur wrinkles and imperfections so effectively that the human eye can't see the imperfections.  


  • For a smooth light refracting finish
  • Helps to visually soften lines & imperfections
  • Leaves skin feeling ultra-silky, soft & beautiful
  • pH 5.5


Lined | Wrinkled | Pores | Redness | Darkened Areas 


Smooth a medium pearl size dose over moisturized skin. Fine to apply over creams, serums, and/or sunscreen.

Allow 2 minutes for Blur Perfect Skin to set before applying makeup.

May be worn in place of foundation for a brighter, healthy & natural glow. 


Uniprosyn PS-18 | essential molecules of hydrolyzed oat protein extract, energy-boosting ATP, and niacinamide work together on improving barrier function for soft, smooth, more resilient skin
Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) | cellular fuel-molecule; energizes for clear, naturally luminous skin
Chlorella Vulgaris | peptide-rich micro-algae 
Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate | soothing properties from licorice; calms, soothes redness



2 reviews

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