You wake up, look in the mirror, and find red blotches on your face caused by a harsh lotion. Maybe, you suffer from Rosacea, and rash-like bumps have appeared on your cheeks and forehead. Or you just turned 55, and your facial skin feels tight and itchy. All the above are symptoms of sensitive, dry skin, and you might be wondering if there is anything you can do about it.

Luckily, pk24 has created a line of skincare that not only relieves the discomfort of sensitive skin, but actually repairs the skin. Their Calming Bio-Lipid Crème is specifically formulated for the face.

First, a little education about your skin.

Your skin is the largest organ of the body. There are three main layers – the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. Oil is produced in the dermis which bubbles up to the top layer of skin in the form of fat molecules called lipids. Lipids are very important as they form your skin’s protective barrier. Their main function is to shield the body from impurities and damaging elements such as ultraviolet rays. Lipids also trap moisture below the protective barrier, keeping skin glowing.

Now, let’s discuss the causes of sensitive skin.

As you age, the dermis produces less oil and therefore less lipids. Your skin’s protective barrier becomes thinner and is not able to defend against harmful intruders. With fewer lipids, water escapes the epidermis giving rise to extremely dry skin.

Genetics play a role in sensitive skin too. Heredity is thought to determine the thickness of the epidermis and oil amounts produced in the dermis. Lower oil production means dryer skin. Skin conditions such as Rosacea are passed on in families, as are allergies.

Allergic reactions happen when your immune system recognizes an attack by a foreign substance and sends antibodies to the affected area bringing on havoc. The more hypersensitive your immune system is, the bigger and faster the reaction. Immune systems change with age, so an allergy may take years to develop.

How does pk24’s Calming Bio-Lipid Creme work?

It uses natural ingredients to instantly revive comfort and start correcting the skin deep down where damage begins. Plant extracts of algae, mugroot, sea whip and green tea alleviate stinging, soothe visible redness and control the premature signs of aging common with sensitive skin. Merospheres, liposome-encapsulated Rosemary, begin repairing skin by inspiring up to a 450% increase in barrier lipid production. Speaking of lipids, lipids and lipid-rich oils are added to increase the skin’s moisture and smoothness. Finally, extremely hydrating soluble beta-glucans act as antioxidants and fight inflammation while boosting the immune system to battle allergic reactions.

photo of bio-lipid creme bottle by pk24

Sensitive and dry skin can appear anywhere on the body, but it is especially intolerable and unsightly when facial skin is affected.  With regular use of pk24’s Calming Bio-Lipid Crème, expect to see skin more prone to fend off annoying irritants, a repaired skin barrier within 8 days and happy, healthier skin. Dermatologist-tested, feel secure in choosing this rich and luxurious crème.

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Tháng 9 21, 2022 — Hoy Dino

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