The New Year came so fast but we are all happy to leave the past year behind with its challenges, hoping for the best in the New Year. You may be thinking about where you are in your life — and that includes your love life. It's also a time that can be really difficult, because the past year might has not given you the opportunity to prepare so well for this year. For a lot of us our years didn't shape up how we'd hoped they'd be and with the Covid-19 pandemic shutting everything down. 

We understand your dating life may also not be the best in the past year with the fact you can’t go out often and even if you do you have to put on masks. With cinemas closed and some best dating locations not opened, your dating life must have been miserable especially when you couples are not in the same neighbourhood. But knowing what you did right or didn’t do right is the best way to put you in the right position to give the best to your dating partner. 

Is your dating game on point? You may not boldly answer this even if you have a (PHD in dating sciences) LOL. It’s good to know you are doing your best in your relationship because that is what is required of you and even if you are not you need to know to start making improvements. 

Here are some points to push your dating game to the next level, doing the right things to make your dating life great and exciting.

  1. Ask your partner something new 

Communication is the determining factor of success for every relationship. It’s nice to ask how your partner’s day went, but it’s boring when you ask over and over again. Imagine asking your partner if they’d want to give birth to quadruplets, that’s weird right, but its sure way to make them feel out of the world. Enhance your conversation by putting in the extra effort to question your significant other on something more specific. Through this adjusted approach, you avoid falling into routine and begin holding more meaningful discussions.

  1. Designate a date night 

Irrespective of your busy schedules and nonstop responsibilities, the most fool proof way to guarantee that you make time for each other is to set a night to have a private time with your partner. This could be weekly or monthly and should be convenient for both of you. A date night at your best location or in your house doing something fun like having a drink, watching your favourite movies or playing a game will not only spice up your relationship but also give you happiness and memories that will last much longer.

  1. Tweak your schedule 

Although you have other commitments outside of your relationship, it’s a kind gesture to compare both of your schedules to see if it’s possible to spend more time together.

Maybe your partner can go to the gym a little earlier to attend the movie premiere you wanted to attend, or maybe you can wake up earlier to get your projects done so that you can make it to your partner’s intramural game. While you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your life to satisfy your partner, your ability to compromise should be enough to make him or her happy. It’s these little commitments and sacrifices that make relationships great and interesting.

  1. Show your affection 

Express actions to show how much you care about your partner. Grabbing your partner’s hand at a restaurant, helping him out on a project, helping him find what he’s looking for at the mall or home and spending the night at his place making him his favourite coffee are just what everyone will value in a relationship and would not trade anything for. You want your dating game to be one that everyone would want to learn from and showing affection is just what people would see and ask to learn from.

  1. Remember the small things 

Another way to add meaning to your conversation is to truly listen to what your significant other is saying — and talk about it in the future. If your partner mentions a conversation that he or she wants to have with a manager, take note on your calendar and remember to ask about it the day of. The fact that you’re able to refer back to the topics and details that your partner spoke about is one that will touch him. Remember the story your partner told you about wedding couples kissing until the pastor asked them to stop, ask them another day if he would want you guys to do same and laugh over it.

Overall, it’s the little things that mean the most, and there’s no better way to show this than starting with your relationship.

Your dating has to be fun, interesting and exciting this year and it all depends on you. Give out your best and learn from each other’s mistake because that’s a sure way to grow stronger, push your relationship to the next level and get the happiness what you all deserve.

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