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Age-Limit Advanced Refinishing Serum. AHAs, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Mandelic Acid

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Outstanding Glycolic Acid, Mandelic and Lactic Acid Serum!

Minimize visible imperfections within days with this exclusive complex of clinically-proven soothing Plant Extracts plus a total of 15% Mandelic and Lactic Acids and the next generation in AHAs – the patented AHAminoPlex™ molecule, developed by the pioneers of AHA skin therapy, Drs. Van Scott and Yu



  • Reveals fresh, ultra-smooth skin
  • Minimizes imperfections – including lines, wrinkles & enlarged pores
  • Lifts away discolorations
  • Eliminates ashiness
  • Controls breakouts & clogged pores

Skin Conditions

Aging | Acne-Prone | Discolored | Rough | Scaly | Sun-Damaged | Ashy | Clogged Pores | SkinPreviously Intolerant of Glycolic Acid

Clinically-proven to deliver excellent results. Soothing Plant Extracts and the next generation in AHAs developed by the pioneers of AHA skin therapy, Drs. Van Scott and Yu


  • For better skin in hours!
  • Fresh, ultra-smooth skin
  • Diminishes ashiness
  • Assists in quickly lessening discolorations

Skin Conditions

Mature | Discolored | Rough | Scaly | Ashy | Skin Previously Intolerant of Glycolic Acid


Mandelic Acid | non-irritating, for a fresher, smoother after feel.
Lactic Acid 
EGCG concentrated, time-released, soothing antioxidant from Green Tea helps prevent signs of redness.
Kola, Mate, Guarana | Brazilian plant complex calms skin
PEG-8/SMDI Copolymer 

How To Use

Apply to clean, dry skin AM/PM or once a day. Avoid eye area.

Follow with moisturizer or other treatment.

Always wear Solar Defender SPF 30 or other minimum SPF 15 sunscreen during the day.

NOTE: Some skin may experience slight stinging or tingling during the first few days of using Age-Limit Advanced Refinishing Serum, or if the product is applied after bathing or showering. If this occurs, wait five minutes after bathing or until skin is dry.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: This treatment is not recommended for skin that flushes or blushes easily. Avoid use on broken or cut skin.

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