Taut & Tone Advanced Firming For Intimate Skin. 

  • Patented Matrixyl Peptides For Rapid, Lasting Firming & Contouring.
  • Taut & Tone Advanced Intimate Skin Firming is a breakthrough in the rapid firming of all skin, face, neck, throat, droopy jawline, eye skin, and it works incredibly fast.
  • External intimate skin that has lost its resilient, perky, bounce and just feels deflated. 
  • Taut & Tone Advanced Skin Firming quickly restores that plump, youthful bounce back resilience to deflated, lax intimate skin areas.
  • Intimate skin feels firmer to the touch and begins to increase in volume.
  • Definition and contours begin to improve. 
  • External intimate Skin feels conditioned and silky smooth.

Cell Activating Repair & DNA repair start working immediately returning noticeably improved firm-to-the-touch results. 

The skin firming action continues to improve and these results are long-lasting with continued maintenance, several days each week.


  • This is a clinically proven, HIGH-Performance Treatment.   
  • Aims to restore definition & contours to lax skin.
  • Taut, firmed resilience for external skin.
  • Aims to improve the appearance of firmness.
  • Provides a perceptible skin-tightening and firming sensation beginning with the first application.

This is a breakthrough discovery and the results are touted by dermatologists as "Revolutionary".

The United States Patent Office agrees and granted Patented Technology status: Patent No. 6,492,32

Skin re-firming and contouring studies report impressive improvement to the skin when used twice per day. 

Developed to target all external skin laxity skin challenges, Taut & Tone Advanced Firming Serum works to re-firm stressed, stretched, loose, sagging skin due to time & maturing, aging, pregnancy, childbirth, medication, environment, menopausal & hormone-affected skin. 

Smoothes and conditions skin.

Visibly re-firms, tones, plumps & rejuvenates stretched, stressed, maturing skin.

Maximum Strength, Advanced Breakthrough.

Gentle and will not irritate delicate skin. This non-irritating, patented cosmetic serum is designed for topical, external use only.

pH 5.2

Safe for all skin types. 

No Retinol, No AHA, No Fragrance, No Colorants, No Parabens, no sting, no irritation, no odor, no taste.

Below are several impressions from staff members & focus group participants.

Apply T&T Twice Daily To External Intimate Skin:

  • Day One: Hmmm, I don't know...
  • Day Two: Mehhh, still nothing ... well, maybeeee... it kind of seems like something MIGHT be happening but so far not that impressed. My skin is smoother for sure but no verdict yet...
  • Day Three: Whoa! Yeah, Girl, something is definitely happening. All of a sudden the firming is kicking in and the deflated, lax skin begins feeling firmer to the touch, and skin condition and texture are clearly improving.
  • Day 7:  Holy Cow! This serum really works! Big improvements: skin is a lot firmer and bounces back. Skin feels more supple and resilient.
  • Day 30: 100% say their skin is drastically more firm and bounces back when touched instead of feeling deflated and droopy. Lax, loose skin has tightened and skin is visibly firmer and looks much better. 
  • Everyone is excited about their individual results.

Follow Up: Personal Individual Comments After 60 Days:

"I am so much more confident in the appearance of my lady parts." 

"I don't feel embarrassed about the way I look anymore. The lights stay on now!"

"My skin down there feels bouncy like it did when I was younger." 

"My skin responded better than I expected it would or even could!" 

"Yes, it worked great for me! Taut & Tone is one of the most important products in my daily routine." 

"I'm obsessed with it!"


Features patented Matrixyl Peptides; an amino acid chain based on a skin-repair peptide discovered at the National Institutes of Health. Matrixyl Peptides smooth, rejuvenate and contour skin as much as 68% 

Coneflower improves skin firmness up to 36% in two to four weeks.

Chlorella Vulgaris Extract supports the production of collagen and increases cellular energy.

Grape Leaf; protects from loss of firmness.

Black Currant; protects from loss of firmness.

Passionflower; protects from loss of firmness and maintains the skin’s elasticity.

Algae Peptides help increase skin firmness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

Safe, non-surgical, stimulant-free 


Apply 1 to 2 pumps to fingertips. Apply to clean skin twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening.

Allow a few minutes for the serum complex to absorb into the skin and dry before getting dressed.

More Intense & More Frequent Orgasms

*The perfect balance of pleasurable sensations & climax-inducing tightening, friction & glide is achieved with the first application.

* Improves effectiveness of pleasure-inducing contractions & stimulates blood flow to the vagina.

Reaching climax is significantly easier.

*Improves natural lubrication and helps to eliminate vaginal dryness. 

* Increases suppleness and conditions the delicate skin barrier to be more resilient and healthy.

Helps to relieve vaginal dryness once fully absorbed.

Helps to relieve painful intercourse for many women.

Helps to reduce annoying accidents associated with bladder control challenges due to urinary incontinence such as sneezing, coughing, and laughing.

The Unforgettable V

pk24 Feels Entirely Natural On The Skin.

It is important for you to know that pk24 gives you an amazing feeling vagina.

You Will Blow His Mind With How Amazing You Feel.

We hear over and over from women that pk24 gave them "the unforgettable vagina". The tightening effect is so natural feeling yet so "beyond special" that a man will never be able to forget how incredible it felt when he was inside of you.

If you want to make an unforgettable impression on a man, take control of the situation with pk24. 

Whether you are searching for our proven V-laxity solution or you're looking for a superb "Extra Sexy" Tune-up, pk24 is perfectly & appropriately balanced to provide you with important Rave-Worthy"O" Boosting Advantages.

Balanced For Vaginal Health

* Acts as an anti-inflammatory to soothe and nurture delicate skin.

* Non-drying astringent properties help fight bacteria & odor.

* Anti-fungal properties. Won't disrupt delicate flora, and maintains a healthy pH level.

* Condom safe, safe for Oral, and an ultra-light natural cherry flavor that dissipates after a few hours of application.

*Will not stain skin or fabric. No mess and leaves no trace once absorbed.

* Does not contain drying or potentially irritating ingredients. Our formula does not contain witch hazel, menthol, CBD, or manjkani-oak gall.

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