pk24 Vaginal Tightening Creme

Client Testimonial & The V Spot

Mackie D., Los Angeles, CA

Never in my life had I heard of a product like pk24. After two children and a brutal divorce, I felt defeated and numb. Not a great place to find myself at 43.

I stumbled on somehow. I have no idea how but the site was pretty and it made me feel a certain way, comforted is the best word I can come up with.

Anyway, I ordered the AHA Glycolic Acid and some Panthenol Cleanser, I liked the color. Both items are great by the way.

On a whim, I also ordered pk24, thinking one day, I might eventually meet someone so just in case... I guess I was grasping at anything to give me some semblance of confidence and if I'm being completely honest, I was intimidated about being compared with 20-somethings. 

pk24 just spoke to me. It seemed like it might give me a little bit of an advantage or at least level the playing field. I mean, a perfectly tightened vagina? If true, that would certainly make me feel special, right?

Well, pk24 arrived and it just sat on the shelf in my bathroom for a few months. I never used it, I just looked at it day after day ... it may sound ridiculous but for some reason, that pretty little bottle of pk24 made me feel hopeful, maybe??? Not sure how to explain it.

Eventually, I met someone nice and I did go on a date and then a few more, and then it was time... I used pk24 the night before and again the following morning for extra luck. Later that afternoon I showered, shaved, and spent hours conjuring up my best face, and then out I went. I had a nice glass of red wine with supper which calmed my nerves and a few hours later ...

Oh My Good Lord in Heaven!!! What is in this stuff??? Is it magic?

Speaking from the heart, the tightening from pk24 has changed everything for me. My personal satisfaction level is off the charts. I never knew what an internal deep V orgasm was. Obviously, I'd never had one before and pk24 made it happen for me. My mind is BLOWN.

My guy, during sex, yelled Holy F%#! He could barely speak. The morning after, he said, Mac, you have this tight little spot deep in your vag that hugs my thing in a way I've never felt with anyone else before.


My confidence blasted off when he said that and now, I feel sexy as hell.

If this is what you mean by The V Spot then, I definitely found mine.

Thank you for changing my life pk24 people. I think I love you!

Mackie D., LA, CA


July 2022

(Obviously, this isn't Mackie's photo. Privacy & safety first.)


More Intense & More Frequent Orgasms

*The perfect balance of pleasurable sensations & climax-inducing tightening, friction & glide is achieved with the first application.

* Improves effectiveness of pleasure-inducing contractions & stimulates blood flow to the vagina.

Reaching climax is significantly easier.

*Improves natural lubrication and helps to eliminate vaginal dryness. 

* Increases suppleness and conditions the delicate skin barrier to be more resilient and healthy.

Helps to relieve vaginal dryness once fully absorbed.

Helps to relieve painful intercourse for many women.

Helps to reduce annoying accidents associated with bladder control challenges due to urinary incontinence such as sneezing, coughing, and laughing.

The Unforgettable V

pk24 Feels Entirely Natural On The Skin.

It is important for you to know that pk24 gives you an amazing feeling vagina.

You Will Blow His Mind With How Amazing You Feel.

We hear over and over from women that pk24 gave them "the unforgettable vagina". The tightening effect is so natural feeling yet so "beyond special" that a man will never be able to forget how incredible it felt when he was inside of you.

If you want to make an unforgettable impression on a man, take control of the situation with pk24. 

Whether you are searching for our proven V-laxity solution or you're looking for a superb "Extra Sexy" Tune-up, pk24 is perfectly & appropriately balanced to provide you with important Rave-Worthy"O" Boosting Advantages.

Balanced For Vaginal Health

* Acts as an anti-inflammatory to soothe and nurture delicate skin.

* Non-drying astringent properties help fight bacteria & odor.

* Anti-fungal properties. Won't disrupt delicate flora, and maintains a healthy pH level.

* Condom safe, safe for Oral, and an ultra-light natural cherry flavor that dissipates after a few hours of application.

*Will not stain skin or fabric. No mess and leaves no trace once absorbed.

* Does not contain drying or potentially irritating ingredients. Our formula does not contain witch hazel, menthol, CBD, or manjkani-oak gall.

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