There is something magical about being at the lake at the beginning of Fall. Everything feels so crisp and fresh.  

Fall is ramping up, leaves are starting to change, temperatures are cooling, and sunsets are slowly moving earlier each day.

The cooler weather and drop in humidity can feel like a relief from summer’s scorching sun but these changes are hard on your skin.

As the weather gets cooler we start turning our heaters on and taking warmer showers, both of these things, in conjunction with the already lowered humidity can dry and harm your skin.
To counteract these seasonal effects, it's important to adapt your skincare routine. The key is to moisturize with a great moisturizer!

During the fall you should switch to a thicker moisturizer that hydrates and protects the skin from the negative effects of dry air and heat. If you have sensitive skin, it is especially important to keep it hydrated - fall and winter are when most skin issues flare up.

Nourish your skin with lipid-rich creams to protect and repair the skin barrier.

Our natural moisturizers are gentle and hydrating without leaving a greasy feel.

Adding vitamin C&E to your routine is very helpful and will keep your complexion glowing and healthy. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and it's vital for the formation of collagen. Our Triple C&E Serum also aids in healthy cell growth and helps your skin repair itself. 

Also on your list should be a GREAT Cleanser. A natural, pore-clearing, sulfate-free cleanser is best for eliminating blemishes. 

Our Pore Clearing Cleanser is outstanding and is a major favorite here at It smells amazing too.

Panthenol Hydrating Cleanser deep cleans pores & even though it is soap-free it is nice & foamy. I love that.









We all want clean skin, but using a harsh cleanser or scrub that does not hydrate will damage your skin during the fall and winter seasons.

Switching to a gentle, creamy-gel, hydrating cleanser will keep your skin hydrated and healthy.

Panthenol Hydrating Cleanser is a lovely emollient cleanser that leaves your skin soft and supple while also preserving hydration.

After I rinse my cleanser off with warm water, my face is ready to deeply absorb Triple C&E Fluid Cream Serum and then I follow up with Continuous Moisture Creme or Calming Bio-Lipid Repair Creme. I like to switch it up.

Triple C&E Fluid Serum is time-released & triple-strength vitamin C&E. It's a wonderful vitamin serum because it is non-stinging and safe around the eyes. Triple C&E also helps to increase firmness and elasticity plus it eliminates frequent blackheads and gives your skin the reservoir of vitamins C&E that it needs to repair and protect skin from the fall elements. Your skin looks better within minutes and your skin tone brightens within a few days.

Switching to a hydrating cleanser in the fall and adding Triple C&E Serum before Continuous Moisture Creme leaves my skin smooth, clear, and moisturized. 

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 Happy Fall Y'all! 

Terralynn, CEO 

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