Texting is the most common way to reach out to someone to express an opinion, give a compliment and build relationships. From sending DM’s on Instagram, private messaging on Facebook and sending regular messages on Whatsapp, social media has become the norm for conversing and building relationships. Guys are mostly expected to make the first move but nothing stops a girl from reaching out to guy they want to be friends with, date or build any relationship with. 

Just follow these five do’s and don’ts before sending your first text and get your dream guy reply back fast.

Five Things to Do When Texting A Guy


  1. Ask questions

Conversations tend to die down when there’s nothing left to talk about (naturally). To avoid that, leave the conversation open with questions or ask him for advice. Ask questions to make sure they know you’re interested in what they're saying!  

Guys usually don’t like when a girl is testing their intelligence and would definitely reply to questions to prove their smartness. 

Ask him what his plans are for the night or what is going on with him—hopefully, he’ll start firing questions back at you.

  1. Make a Joke

You don’t have to be too serious and all over him, you need ease in and get the chat flowing. Make a joke about a photo you saw on his dating profile, social media profile or a meme that will definitely get him to text back laughing or asking questions.

  1. Send him pictures/memes/emojis

A classic “what’s up?” text may not be enough nowadays. Send him pictures or memes to keep him on his toes. If you're having an interesting or funny conversation and he's intrigued, you just throw in some cute/random pictures (of yourself too) or memes, it always works.

  1. Suggest a Vague Plan

You’ll be amazed how he’ll be more interested in chatting with you if you suggest something he likes. Most guys like football, basketball and hiking so suggesting a plan to watch his favourite team play over a drink together would be something he’ll never resist. 

  1. Play a game

Guys like challenges and playing a game over text can actually be a great way to get him responding and learn more about him. Playing a game like 20 questions is the perfect way to make sure he texts back. It allows you to learn more about each other and heat things up a little bit, too. If you hit a lull in the conversation, say something like, “ask me anything”. This will get his mind turning and make your chat interesting.

Five Things Not to Do When Texting A Guy

  1. Don’t use one-word for responses

You have to make the chat fun and interesting and one-word responses will definitely not be ideal. One-word responses could mean you’re not interested and simply can’t be bothered to conjure up a full sentence.

Let him want to keep talking to you by answering his questions in way that he will have to text you back. For example, “My day was fun with the cats at the park”, this will let him ask you about the cats or what exactly went on at the park.

  1. Your love confession

If you're ready to use the big 'L' for the first time, PLEASE don't text it. Apart from the obvious fact that you'll not be able to bask in the actual L.O.V.E with your man, how are you supposed to gauge his reaction? 

This is something you do in person. “I really like you” texts are okay to send, but only AFTER you’ve at least said it once in person. 

  1. No (or a very delayed) response

Guys mostly feel bad when rejected and could think you are not interested in a conversation when you delay your responses especially if you’re online.

If you see his texts, and you have the time to text him back, definitely do it. There’s no reason to wait. Waiting to text back for no reason is just a turnoff at this point and you could never get that chance again.

  1. Unsolicited naked photos

Don’t send a guy your naked photos- even if you think he’ll like them.

You should only send him when you guys are flirty and it’s appropriate to send some naughty pictures. 

A random one out the blue after you’ve been texting a few days feels random, desperate, and thirsty. This is a guy you want to build a good relationship with and you don’t want him to see you as a prostitute. 

  1. Super aggressive sexual texts

You need to get to know the guy you’re messaging first. Be wary of sending very sexually-charged texts from the get-go. You gauge his responses and then slowly get a little bit naughtier in what you say. Then you throw in some of those cute purple devil emojis.

Now you know what and what not send to that guy you always wanted to talk to, just send him that text and start that relationship you’ve been dreaming about.


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