You’ve been dating a guy for some time now, the time has come to show him to your family. A holiday get together must be the best time to introduce your significant other to your family because everyone is in the mood for celebration and relaxation.

Introducing your significant other to your family is one of the most important moments in your relationship. Your dream and plan is for everything to go smoothly and your family should be happy and excited relating and hanging out with your fiancée. This could only be a dream and things could become worse off if you don’t put in the right plans and measures.

Use these helpful tips to introduce your fiancée to your family and start a good journey of building a strong and happy relationship between your fiancée and family.

1. Inform your family



Holidays are not the time to spring a surprise guest on your family, let alone a new significant other. Call your family and inform them to prepare accordingly. You know that brother or sister who always wants to sit beside you, let him/her be aware you are bringing your significant other to the family get together to avoid awkward situations.

2. Prepare ahead of time

To make this moment exciting and interesting everyone has to be prepared enough. This is a family gathering and you would expect your significant other to look good and happy. Your family must also be prepared to happily welcome your significant other. Let your family cook the best meals, set up everything nicely and make the environment happy enough to accommodate a visitor.

3. Give your significant other some insight into your family dynamics.

You don’t have to give him a full editorial commentary on your feelings about your family members, just give him a broad overview of important or sensitive issues. In this way, you can ensure that he is not surprised by your cousin’s dark humor or Grandpas off-color comments. This background prep will help him understand why your brother is not drinking alcohol at dinner along with everyone else — and prevent him from making a joking comment that could lead to an awkward moment for all.

 4. Discuss expectations ahead of time.

Give your partner some insight into what he should expect at the get together. Let him know of any family rules or required activities. For instance, your parents may want to talk to him privately or your uncle/brothers may want to share a drink with him separately. Or maybe there’s a family game they would want him to participate; let your partner know ahead of time so he can prepared and pack accordingly.

5. Start things off on the right foot

First impressions are important! Let your significant other get some gifts, like flowers, wine or food, to give to your parents upon arrival - this will show how kind and thoughtful they are. You know how happy your Mum/Dad would be if your partner gets them a gift they love. Keep in mind that if your parents or significant other don’t initiate the conversation at the door, you’re responsible for kicking off the introductions (you know the whole, “Mom, dad, this is my fiancée John...” spiel). Do your best to build that connection to make your fiancée feel free and enjoy every moment.


We hope your significant other enjoys every moment of this gathering and will gladly accept more invitations in the future to spend time with your family. Now your relationship will move to the next level and your family would be happy for you because the moment shared with your partner would be one that they would always want to have.

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