Glass Skin Ingredients

Silicone Blend non-comedogenic, breathable barrier; provides smooth as glass finish
Ceramides - skin-fortifying lipid; moisturizes within the skin
Jojoba Oil - gentle moisture control oil similar to skin’s own natural oils; keeps lipids fresh.
Blended hazelnut, borage, kukui nut, rose hips seed, and evening primrose.
Lipid-rich plant oils to moisturize within the skin.
Camellia sinensis oil - soothing oil from green tea
Tocopheryl linoleate - moisturizing vitamin E forms a moisture reservoir for 16-20 hours.
Retinyl palmitate - antioxidant vitamin A; protects from environmental aging and irritation.
Cholecalciferol - vitamin D; texturizes and conditions rough skin.
Lithospermum extract - soothing red extract from seaweed.
Essential oil blend of deliciously light skin-softening oils; derived by bio-fermentation technology, not animals.
    • No colorants or preservatives.
    • Scent - a light blend of essential oils of lavender, Bois de rose, geranium, Amyris, petitgrain, vanilla, clove, orange, lemon, lang ylang, rosemary, and cedar.
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