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The pk24 Effect

The pk24 Effect Creates a Tighter Feeling Vagina, Increases Arousal & Boosts Orgasms. 

An estimated 40 million American women struggle with the symptoms of vaginal relaxation as a result of childbirth, aging, or muscular de-conditioning. This often means that we no longer experience the same pleasure from intercourse we once did. This is primarily due to the loss of internal firmness and volume. These changes cause a lack of friction and the loss of many important sensations during intercourse.
Importantly, the pk24 effect is multi-dimensional and this lovely topical cream gel provides a majority of the meaningful benefits that can be realized through vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Thousands of women have successfully opted out of vaginal rejuvenation surgery because they found pk24 to be surprisingly effective for them.
We are especially pleased by this because these invasive procedures can be risky, expensive, and often unnecessary. 
  • The pk24 effect is an impressive combination of tightening, hydrating, and plumping of the internal vaginal walls, combined with the perfect amount of stimulating friction and glide.
  • Increased orgasmic sensations.
  • Increased squeeze control.
This combination of effects causes you to become more orgasmic and increases your ability to better control your vaginal muscles. These are powerful and impactful effects for you and for your partner.
    • Clinically Proven Results
    • Significantly Tighter Feeling Vagina Within Minutes.  
    • Tighter entry & passage
    • Fuller and more comprehensive internal gripping.
    • The perfect blend of orgasm inducing friction and glide resulting in heightened gratification for you and for your partner.
    • Increases your ability to feel more. This is an impressive and important effect and pk24 really delivers.
    • 86% of subjects report and increased ability to achieve orgasm and an increase in the frequency of orgasms. This is a remarkable statistic when you consider that OVER 60% of women have never experienced a vaginal orgasm much less multiple vaginal orgasms.
    • pk24 clients constantly speak of their soaring feminine sexual confidence and revitalized enthusiasm for sex. 
    • The pk24 Effect increases arousal and 89% of subjects reported increased arousal during sexual activity. This is another extremely impressive statistic.


"Perfectly Tightened V"

pk24 significantly increases your ability to feel more. Much more!

Feeling tighter plus multiple O's provides for greater satisfaction & of course, it's just way more fun! 

You'll be surprised at how revitalized you can feel.

Heightened sexual confidence and enthusiasm are important aspects of our "Feminine  Sexual Esteem." The pk24 effect is empowering so embrace it. Be bold, trust our science, and tap into all of those glorious feminine powers of yours.

pk24 Increases Intimacy & Feelings of Closeness.

The pk24 effect benefits couples in so many important ways. An impressive finding documented in the clinical trial and couples focus groups is that the pk24 effect increases intimacy levels, and feelings of closeness.

  • 100% of subjects report increased intimacy and feelings of emotional closeness.
  • pk24 serves as a remarkable catalyst for amping up the volume and transforming your love life.
  • Feel the heightened intensity and allow this increased personal satisfaction to flourish. If you embrace it, you will inject refreshing new excitement into your physical sexual experience and then beyond it will flow into your life. 
  • This re-invigorating energy deepens emotional connections and ignites some very welcome sparks back into relationships.

pk24 Amplifies...

 pk24 was created to expand your personal options and to increase your pleasure.

Our hope is that your love life will be amplified! 

pk24 brings something very extra for him too. 

Men love knowing that they can satisfy us. It's very important to them.

The pk24 effect amplifies and intensifies your pleasure. That is the primary goal of pk24 and when he sees how satisfied you are, this reinforces his own manly man confidence level.

We can't overstate how important this is and you already know this to be true so, trust us on this one, you are about to ignite a fire in him and both of you will be in to it. 

If he doesn't know about pk24, expect your man to be dazzled, and possibly even a little confused, in a good way. He may not, probably won't, say anything specific at first but you'll see the changes in his responses.

Expect him to be distracted at work by sexy flashes of you.💕 

Expect him to be a little more attentive and to try just little bit harder to keep that amazing connection going...

Seriously, using pk24 will make your man's eyes roll back in his head every time you make love. Your man may not know exactly what or why … but when you use pk24, and see his passionate responses, you'll know ... "This is a powerful little secret."

We all know that our men love knowing they can satisfy us. It's important to them.

The pk24 effect amplifies and intensifies the pleasure you feel and trust us on this one, he will be thrilled. 

 Watch as pk24 injects that something extra back into your sex life.

Watch your personal intimate pleasure, soaring sexual confidence, and revitalized enthusiasm come roaring back.


pk24 Customer Testimonials

"This cream transformed my marriage!"

— M. Mac, Los Angeles, CA

“I feel like I have a secret power that I have never felt before. This is going to change the way I think about myself for a long time to come. Thank you for thinking of this ...— J. Starnes, Little Rock, AR

"I hope more women become educated about your product. When appropriate, I have recommended it to my patients as a surgical alternative or in conjunction with Kegels. I cannot say enough about how wonderful you and your product are.”

— Dr. Elizabeth M. (B.S., M.S., Pharm.D, Ph.D)

”Anybody out there having doubts, just purchase it and try it. My husband and I have always had wonderful intimacy but pk24 really adds an amazing spark!” — Ruth, Jacksonville, FL

Nourishing, Hydrating and Conditioning

pk24 was created to expand your personal options and it is our hope that your love life will be amplified! 

  • 80% of subjects report an increase in natural lubrication. 
  • This is an ultra-light cream gel and it takes just seconds to apply.
  • The formula absorbs quickly and feels completely natural.
  • No stimulants. This is a natural enhancement for you and the pk24 formula doesn't create any odd, unnatural feeling sensations.
  • No hormones.
  • Clinically proven safe
  • Manufactured exclusively in the USA

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