A Letter From Terralynn: How The pk24 Team Is Celebrating The Holidays This Year.

Terralynn Here,

The holidays are fast approaching everyone gets so busy.  I want to remind everyone to, please, take time for yourself.  Nurture yourself and the relationships that matter to you.  I know we may all be looking at celebrating a bit differently this year, so please try to make the most of it.  

In thinking about all of our loyal readers, went around the office and took a short poll of how our staff is celebrating the holidays.  My idea was to give you all some idea options to help celebrate.  I have to admit, though, some of the plans were a little entertaining in how elaborate they were.  I asked if I could attend a few of these just to see how they worked out.

So, without future ado, here is the list of ways our staff is celebrating the upcoming holidays:

(These are not listed in order of my Favorite.  Though, maybe I should have done so.)

Genna- Vice President of International Marketing

Genna has 2 children- 6 and 8.  As you can imagine, their biggest concern is not the holiday meal.  It is missing out on presents.  So, early December 25 morning, Genna is loading up the minivan and driving south to her sister's house.  She plans to pass her and her children's gifts through the door and have her sister pass their gifts outside.  Then, everyone will take a turn opening one gift at a time in front of the door so that the event can be seen.  
Genna will then load the kids back up and drive further south to do this with her parents and the children.
When they are all done, Genna will load everyone back up in the minivan with all the new presents, and drive the many hours back home.

Christoph- Logistics and Acquisitions

Christoph is young, single, and already knows his mom did not get him anything for Christmas.  He freely volunteers that his mom told him, "If he does not believe in Santa, he does not get gifts."

Christoph has committed to spending one hour on Zoom with his family on Christmas Day.

Mary-  Customer Service Representative

Mary has a tiny infant at home.  Her family is unwilling to celebrate without the big family meal.  Her mother has decided to cook the meal in advance, freeze it, and ship it to everyone via city currier.  Then, they will all warm the food and enjoy dinner via Google Hangouts.  

Terralynn- CEO

This year, I am doing something I have always wanted to do.  I have already order and arranged delivery for my favorite meal, from my favorite restaurant.  You know, I don't even think I'm doing the dishes until the next day.  It sounds like an ideal Christmas to me.  


In Service,

Terralynn, CEO

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