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Pumpkin & Pumice Exfoliating Body Polish

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Pumpkin & Pumice Exfoliating Body Polish 

Ecuadorian Ivory Palm Seed Micrograins

 Volcanic Pumice & Pumpkin Extract

Exquisite Exfoliating and Conditioning Body Polish

  • Rapid Smoothing and Hydration 
  • Sweeps away rough, dull dry skin and impurities from pores in one step.
  • This is a super hydrating foaming base that relies on natural Yucca to clean, instead of skin-drying soap or sulfates.
  • Fortified with Vitamin C and body-refining plant extracts, the invigorating scent of pure Ginger adds another level to these fresh essential oils to complete the ultra cleansing action and delivers an invigorating feeling of being truly clean.
  • Leaves skin luxuriously smooth, radiant, and powdery soft!
  • Especially effective on rough upper arms, thighs, backside, shins, elbows, feet and heels.
  • Prevent ingrown hairs with regular use.
  • Prepares skin for cellulite gels and self-tanning pre-treatment.
  • Pumpkin & Pumice does not contain drying soap, sulfates, lanolin, diethanolamine (DEA), synthetic fragrance, parabens, or formaldehyde-releasing preservatives. Polyethylene-free.

Pumpkin & Pumice Exfoliating Body Polish 


8.5 oz

  • Pumice volcanic microbeads buff and slough away dead skin cells, impurities, and effectively help to prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Ecuadorian Ivory Palm Seeds create eco-friendly micrograins that polish away unwanted surface cells.
  • Pumpkin contains luxurious exfoliating enzymes that condition and smoothes the skin.
  • Yucca natural soapless cleanser dissolves oils without stripping or drying the skin.
  • Stimulating Plant Extracts stimulate and hydrate the skin.
  • Calming Essential Oils to calm, revive, and purify the skin.
  • Manufactured in America

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The Pumpkin & Pumice Exfoliating Body Polish is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

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