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Frequently Asked Questions
pk24 is clinically proven safe and effective.
The pk24 effect provides many of the meaningful benefits of V rejuvenation without the risk and expense of invasive surgery. Thousands of women have successfully avoided VR surgery because they found pk24.

Q: Can I use pk24 every day? 

Yes, although every few days should be sufficient. The maximum recommended application is twice per day. 

Q: I do Kegel's every day. Will I notice any difference with pk24?


Kegel's are important so keep doing them. The older you get, the happier you will be for doing Kegel exercises throughout your life. 

The pk24 effect serves a much more comprehensive purpose. The pk24 effect creates a fully tightened, plumped and hydrated entryway and then further enhances the tightened sensation deeper inside the Vaginal tunnel.

Beyond just the vaginal entry point, the whole interior of your vaginal tunnel feels tighter and firmer. This tightening effect provides you with a greatly enhanced, more comprehensive, and thoroughly satisfying tightening for an incredibly pleasurable and orgasm inducing experience.

Q: When is the best time to apply pk24?
 Anytime. Apply pk24 in advance of when you know you will be active.  pk24 starts working immediately and lasts up to several days. We recommend applying pk24 earlier in the day as this allows time for natural absorption and maximizes the tightening effect. Every woman is different in their preferences and you will quickly discover what works best for you. 

One application creates a naturally tightened, rejuvenated feeling. The noticeably tightened effect is primarily noticeable  upon penetration and during sexual activity.

Two applications over several hours creates an ultra-tightened effect which will last up to a few days.

Will I be aware of the tightening during the day? 

No, the tightening effect is happening internally and we can't actually feel the subtle internal tightening effects during our normal daily routine. 

The pk24 effect is purposefully designed to absorb beautifully and feel entirely natural. As you go about your daily routine, you will anticipate what pk24 is doing but you won't actually feel the tightening inside unless you actually put your finger inside and then you can feel a measurable difference.

pk24 is designed to be incredibly effective yet subtle. Just apply it and forget it. That's all there is to it. 

 The noticeably tightened results become noticeable upon penetration and throughout sexual activity.

Q: Is pk24 safe for oral?
Yes. The ingredients in pk24 are non-toxic, food grade safe.

Each pump application provides a small amount of formula and once applied, the formula is quickly absorbed. 

The little bit of cherry flavoring is added and this is very light and pleasant once the body has time for the product to assimilate. 

The flavoring disappears once the formula is fully absorbed. The blending of these light hints of sweetness combined with your natural lubrication are especially pleasant. The formula nourishes and smooths the skin and this is also especially pleasant.

Flavored Vaginal products won't interfere with the effectiveness of pk24, just don't apply both at exactly the same time. 

Q: Is pk24 a good lubricant? 

pk24 can be a great lubricant but pk24 is not designed specifically as a lubricant and with don't recommend using it specifically for this purpose. There are much more cost effective products specifically designed as a lubricant.

The pk24 effect stimulates the body's own natural lubrication production. This enhancement is one of the many natural benefits of pk24.

In our clinical trial 80% of subjects report an increase in natural lubrication during sexual activity or intercourse. This is an impressive statistic especially when it was additionally noted that no decrease in natural lubrication was reported.

Whether it's your own natural lubrication or you add a lubricant, the pk24 effect won't be diminished by using your favorite lubricant. Applying pk24 several hours or more prior to sexual activity provides optimum results when combining a lubricant. 

It is absolutely fine to use a lubricant with pk24 and lubricants won't diminish the effect and many of us feel a lubricant magnifies the pk24 effect. 

If vaginal dryness is sometimes a challenge, or dryness is your reality, then odds are you are already using a lubricant and / or a hormone cream.

Proceed with what feels most comfortable for you and always follow any medical advice.

The pk24 effect is multi-layered.

Excitement responses, enhanced internal sensitivity, and increased vaginal receptiveness amplify sensitivity and both partners respond well to the tightened and more comprehensive physical sensations.

These sensations create a new level of internal responses and stimulation for you and this is where the illusive A & the G spots come out to play! 

As the intensity builds for you both and the deeper gliding penetration occurs, the more profound and exciting these newly available sensations become.

You begin to feel even more as the internal pk24 effect works. The tightened effect enhances and dramatically improves important sensations. 

A few noteworthy items: He feels bigger and much thicker inside of your newly tightened, receptive V.

This feels fabulous for you both.  As these sensations begin to register in his mind, he should become significantly harder and more excited. 

 As your man is experiencing your fully tighter tunnel and you begin to experience the pulsating eagerness from your G spot & A spot, he may get overstimulated. The pk24 effects are, for men, what dreams are made of so keep this in mind. You may have to give him a minute to regain his composure when you first start using pk24. 

While he is processing all of these new sensations, you are going to be having your own series of whoa moments.

Discovering the many exciting and empowering benefits with pk24 is simple, sometimes surprising, and deliciously satisfying.

Vaginal orgasms, internal orgasms, are something millions of women have not ever experienced. Statistically, there are more women who have not experienced vaginal orgasm than have. This information was surprising to us at the beginning of our journey back in the early 2000's. There are a lot of reasons for this Vaginal O deficit and we don't need to address them all here. The important thing is that pk24 addresses a very high percentage of these issues and the majority of women using pk24 find that the pk24 effect gives them the "Absolute Advantage" for achieving multiple vaginal orgasams.  This is really quite impressive when you stop and think about it. It took a woman to bring this to other women and we are quite proud to be the premier and most trusted intimate tightening solution.

pk24 is considered to be the world's most trusted, women's topical, sex positive solution.

We receive a lot of positive feedback from our clients.

This is one of our all time favorite quotes ...

"There are O's and then there are Whoa Os!!!  The pk24 effect delivers the Whoa Os!!!"

Just remember, you are in control of all of this so take your time and set your own pace. Extraordinary pleasures await both you and your partner.

It is our hope that you will embrace the experience, lean into it fully, and enjoy the multifaceted benefits available with pk24.

Q: Is pk24 safe to use while pregnant?
We have no data to indicate that pk24 isn't safe to use while pregnant but we also don't have official clinical data regarding use during pregnancy. Our clinical trial didn't address pregnancy therefore we don't make a safety claim regarding pregnancy.

We want you and your baby to have the best possible information and care so always consult your physician prior to introducing anything new. This is always recommended and as a company, this is the most responsible approach we can have in addressing this question. Definitely come see us after the baby is born, okay. XO & Congratulations! 

Q: Does pk24 have any hormones in it? No. 

Q. Does pk24 have any stimulants in it? No, pk24 feels completely natural. Nothing is forced or artificial feeling. This is all you, just appropriately amplified.

Q: How often do I use pk24?

Use pk24 when you are planning to be sexually active. Many women use pk24 every few days while others are sexually active less frequently.  Everyone is different but once you've experienced the pk24 Effect, you will quickly understand how and when to use it. It is not necessary to apply pk24 daily. Simply use it on days you plan to be active.

Q: How do I apply pk24?  Application is super easy. 

    • Wash your hands.
    • Apply 1 - 2 pumps max. Less than a dime-sized amount to the tip of your middle finger. Insert and lightly massage the formula on to the interior vaginal walls in a gentle swirling motion getting good internal coverage.
    • Application takes about 3 seconds. Apply it as you would light lotion to the inside walls of your vagina. Get fairly good internal coverage and remember, the formula doesn't require much to be highly effective. Less is more in this case.
    • Adding a second applications within 3 or 4 hours of the first application further amplifies the tightening effect. A second application is optional and based on personal preference.
    • Each application is effective for 24 hours up to a few days.
    • FYI, just to be clear, pk24 is applied internally. Gently massage the cream gel to the vaginal walls, not on the outside of the Vagina.
    • pk24 does not contain any stimulants. No menthol or any of those other topical stimulants that promote a weird, forced, unnatural feeling. If you have ever experienced one of those products then you'll know what we are referencing. The pk24 effect is designed to feel entirely natural and to be undetectable. All you!

Q: How many applications are in the bottle? 
When used daily, one bottle of pk24 contains approximately 60 applications.

1 - 1 Oz, 30ml bottle 

Q: Can I take a bath if I’ve already applied pk24?
Yes, absolutely. Take a bath, exercise, and other daily routine activities will not affect the tightening effect.

Q: Will more frequent use produce better results?
Two applications over the course of a day enhances the tightening effect. Extended use is reported to condition and hydrate the vagina. Just don't over do it because it isn't necessary. Less is more in the case of pk24.

Any company making a claim that their topical vagina tightening cream, gel, vagina tightening pills or sticks etc will, in the literal sense, restructure the interior vagina, is intentionally making false claims and misleading consumers with these statements.

Surgery is the only way to permanently restructure the interior dimensions of the vagina. pk24 works extremely well for the majority of our clients and we want our customers to be accurately informed so they can make the best possible decision.

Q: Will pk24 stain clothing or linens?
No. pk24 is a light-weight, clear cream gel solution. It won't stain or make a mess. pk24 is applied internally and absorbs quickly. 

Q: Does pk24 contain that brown sticky ingredient Manjakani Extract or Oak Gall? 

No. pk24 does not contain manjakani extract or oak gall, an ingredient used in the leather tanning industry. Please, don't use products containing this ingredient in your vagina. Imagine what the long term effects could be on your tender intimate skin. 

Additionally, we don't use the ingredient witch hazel. Witch Hazel is a very inexpensive ingredient and initially, it can be perceived as an effective astringent. In some instances, however, witch hazel can be drying and irritating to delicate vaginal skin. We have identified much kinder ingredients that contribute value beyond just the vaginal astringent functionality.

The ingredients and blending processes in pk24 support immediate and long term nurturing and hydrating skin conditioning benefits.

pk24 has been clinically proven safe, non-irritating, does not disrupt vaginal flora, or cause infection. 

Disclaimer: Do not begin using pk24 or introduce anything new to your routine when you are experiencing vaginal disorders such as yeast infection, UTI, irritation, itching or unusual discharge. Seek treatment prior to introducing anything new to your routine and be sure your V is healthy. 

Hyper-sensitive skin: Most women with skin allergies or sensitivity are aware of how important it is to test patch skin or consult with a doctor prior to introducing something new to your routine. pk24 is not intended to treat or cure any disease.

If you are pregnant check with your doctor prior to use


All products are CGMP Certified and Compliant.

  • Highest standards and regulations.
  • Strict Quality Control for ingredient stability and purity, microbiological testing.
  • Sterile laboratory formulation and packaging procedures, durability testing.
  • FDA inspected and compliant facilities at every phase. 
  • pk24 is packaged in a sanitary, pharmaceutical grade botte with an airless pump dispenser.

  • Activate the pump 

    First time use, depress the pump dispenser with several quick pumps.

    There is no tube inside of an airless pump dispenser. 

    Depressing the pump creates a vacuum which draws the product upward to the nozzle. This design is especially important because:

    • The formula inside is available for use without any waste.
    • The formula stays ultra fresh with extended shelf life due to the lack of air contact.
    • The formula remains sanitary and bacteria free, unlike products packed in a non airless bottle, jar, or squeeze tube.

    Components: Our pk24 bottle is of the highest quality & pharmaceutical grade. The bottles are responsibly manufactured in a sanitary controlled environment. None of our bottles or pump components are manufactured in China. The bottle material is stable  with zero toxic emissions. 

    Return Policy
    Refund requests are rare but we offer a No hassle, 30-day money back guarantee, less shipping if shipping was charged.

    Contact us via email info@pk24.com to request a return, exchange or replacement authorization number. Be sure to reach out to us within 30 days of receipt of the original order. Refunds are issued within 7 days.


    Fast and free in the USA.

    All orders ship within 1 business day via USPS First Class Mail and USPS First Class International.

    International orders: USPS International First Class Mail unless otherwise specified. Please allow reasonable time for transit. International shipping is not free. The International shipping charge is the true cost based on quotes received by USPS.

    Tracking Number sent to you via email or sms text message.

    The tracking number is also available in your back office if you set up an account prior to check out.

    Text any questions to us via: 850-597-1806

    If you would like for someone to call you please text your name and number and request a call back. We will generally respond within the hour. 

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