pk24 is clinically proven safe and effective. 

Q: Can I use pk24 every day? 

A: Yes. The maximum recommended application is twice per day within a 24-hour period.

Q: I do Kegels every day. Will I notice any difference with pk24?
A: Many users have mentioned that even though they do Kegel exercises, they experience renewed and enhanced sexual gratification with pk24.

Q: When is the best time to apply the cream?
A: Use pk24 is when you know or think you are going to be sexually active—it starts working immediately but we recommend that you apply pk24 earlier in the day to get the maximum tightening effect possible. If you need it quick then just know that approximately 10 minutes after application there should be a noticeable difference. One application creates a noticeable effect for 24 hours and 2 applications over several hours should last a minimum of 48 hours.

Q: Is pk24 safe for oral sex?
A: Yes. The ingredients in pk24 are food safe. There is a very light hint of cherry flavoring which disappears about 2 hours after application.

Q: Prime the Pump
A: pk24 is packaged in a Sanitary, Airless Pump Dispenser. To activate the pump, upon first time use, depress the pump dispenser with several quick pumps. There is no tube inside of an airless pump dispenser. The pressure inside the container draws the formula up through the dispenser and into the nozzle.

Q: Is pk24 available in retail stores?
A: pk24 is available for purchase online at pk24.com, amazon.com, and in many medical offices around the world.

Q: Does pk24 help with dryness?
A: Women experiencing vaginal dryness should consult their doctor.

Q: Is pk24 a good lubricant?
A: Something to consider, women who have a history of, or are currently experiencing, vaginal dryness should consult their doctor. Just check with your doctor to be sure you are healthy.  If your doctor can recommend a solution they will. Also, you can be confident in pk24. pk24 does not create a drying effect, which is important. pk24 promotes natural vaginal lubrication and assists in your body in creating its own natural lubrication. Our clients absolutely love the results they realize with pk24. It is absolutely fine to use a lubricant with pk24 and a lubricant may enhance the tightening effect.

Q: Is pk24 safe to use while pregnant?
A: We have no data to indicate that pk24 wouldn't be safe to use while pregnant but we also don't have any clinical information regarding use during pregnancy. Because we want you and your baby to have the best possible information and care, please, always consult your physician prior to introducing something new. This is always recommended and responsible if you are pregnant or nursing.

Q: Does pk24 have any hormones in it?
A: No.

Q: Does pk24 contain the ingredient Manjakani Extract or Oak Gall?
A: Absolutely Not. 

Q: Do I use pk24 for the rest of my life?

A: Use pk24 is when you are planning to be sexually active. Use is purely optional of course, but OMG!

Q: How do I apply pk24?
A: pk24 comes in a pump dispenser and it takes just a few seconds to apply. Apply a dime-sized amount or less to the tip of your middle finger. Insert and massage thoroughly to interior vaginal walls. Apply it like you would light lotion to the inside walls of your vagina. Get fairly good internal coverage but don't use too much as the formula doesn't require much to be highly effective. Less is more in this case.

Q: How many applications are in the bottle? If I used it daily, would it last a week, a month, several months?
A: When used daily, one bottle of pk24 should last anywhere from 30 to 60 days depending on the frequency of physical activity and how much you use.

Q: How much do you use for a single application?
A: A dime-sized amount or a little less will be effective for at least 24 hours. Two applications within 4 or 5 hours will be highly effective and last approximately 72 hours.

Q: Is there a scent or taste? I'd like to use this without the knowledge of my boyfriend.
A: pk24 has a very slight cherry scent and flavoring when first applied. After a few hours of application, the scent and flavoring disappear.

Q: Can I take a bath in the evening if I’ve already used pk24?
A: Yes, absolutely. Bathing, exercise and other routine activities will not affect the results.

Q: Does more frequent use produce better results?
A: Two applications over the course of a day enhance the tightening effect.

Q: Will pk24 stain clothing or linens?
A: No. pk24 is a light-weight, clear solution. It won't stain or make a mess. You only use a little bit and it is absorbed very quickly. 

Q: What are the ingredients in pk24?
A: Aloe barbadensis leaf, a soothing plant extract; glycerin, a natural moisturizing ingredient; and alum, a naturally occurring mineral; sodium citrate, an anti-antioxidant, and natural preservative; peg-75 for fragrance; sucralose for flavor; and common preservatives which are considered food grade and water soluble.

Q: Is your website safe from hackers that could steal debit and credit card numbers?
A: The shopping cart section of our website is managed by one of the top fulfillment companies in the country. Your personal information is held in confidence, the staff does not have access to your financial data or payment information and your contact information/data will not be resold or made available to any other entity. We dislike spam as much as you do.

Q: How do I request a refund?
A: Refund requests are super rare but we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Please contact us via email to request a return authorization confirmation.

If you have any additional questions, please email info@pk24.com