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pk24 Intimate Tightening Solution was introduced in June 2004.  Since then the company has evolved into a global skin care company dedicated to providing high performance formulas designed to address skin laxity, hydration, skin firming, and meaningful moisture replenishment.

The focus has always been on developing sensible, affordable, proven solutions to effectively address skin laxity and the many challenges associated with maturing skin. We deliver high-performing, reparative, rejuvenating, skin care that simplifies the daily routine of our clients and safely delivers meaningful results.

All of our skincare formulas are solidly backed by clinical data & our products are manufactured only in the USA. 

The Inspiration Behind pk24 Intimate Tightening💕

While attending a friend's party in 2001, the founder of pk24, overheard a shocking and enlightening conversation among several men who did not realize that she along their wives were listening to their conversation.

"One of the husbands made an off-handed remark about what he would do to be 20 years younger and have those days back. The other men laughed and agreed," said the founder. "Then another husband made a comment that shook us all. He said, 'You know I love my wife but four kids have really loosened things up down there.'"

"Quite honestly, this was the first time I had ever heard a comment like this," the founder continued. "My girlfriends never complained about this side effect of childbirth and my mother never mentioned it. I remembered a high school P.E. teacher talking to us about Kegel’s and I wondered, could this be what she was referring to?" 

She decided to conduct some research and quickly discovered that vaginal relaxation, vaginal laxity was a very real condition affecting 40+ million American women and untold millions of women worldwide. Why was no one providing reasonable solutions to assist women in addressing this very real issue?

Vaginal laxity has always been considered an extremely private matter and therefore, this very important, real life challenge is rarely discussed. Women can be reluctant to discuss this particular change affecting their bodies and many are resigned to simply accepting these dramatic changes as a natural part of life due to childbirth, hormone imbalance, and aging. 

The founder became interested in finding a safe, reasonable, and effective non-surgical solution to help women deal with the issues associated with vaginal relaxation. She soon established a working relationship with a trusted US manufacturer complete with the required pharmaceutical grade, sanitary protocols, and FDA inspected laboratories. After four years of research, formulation, product testing, reformulations, and more testing, the impressive result was pk24 Intimate Tightening Cream.

Since 2004, we have been working with the most incredible women around the world and doing our part to make a private and meaningful contribution to their personal satisfaction.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

pk24 Support Staff & HoyDino, Inc

Offices in Florida & California

Distribution Channels: pk24 is sold to customers world wide. We have a network of wholesale distribution companies throughout The USA, Canada, South America, LATAM: VION Pharmacies, South East Asia, The Middle East, Kuwait, Egypt, and The UAE.