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Formulated for women, by a woman. 

pk24 Vaginal tightening cream is clinically proven and highly effective.

pk24 is intended to provide women with a renewed sense of sexual satisfaction, sexual confidence and feminine empowerment.

Available globally, pk24 is targeted primarily to physically active women in their post-childbirth years, but active adult women of all ages have discovered the remarkable pk24 effect and benefit greatly from the formula. Although designed for women, pk24 greatly enhances the intimate experiences of both partners.

Cosmetic surgery is a burgeoning mega billions industry, and one of the tremendous growth categories is vaginoplasty, or vaginal tightening surgery, which entails tightening the vaginal and perineum area that is often stretched during childbirth. 

Feminine Sexual Esteem

An estimated 40 million American women suffer from the symptoms of vaginal relaxation as a result of childbirth, aging, or muscular de-conditioning.

Vaginal relaxation, is an increased interior diameter inside the vagina, and the reality results in diminished sensation and diminished gratification due to loss of sensitivity and the lack of meaningful friction. This often means that women no longer experience the same level of pleasure from intercourse they once did, and it often takes much longer to climax.

Feminine sexual esteem relates to women taking action to dramatically improve and enhance the quality of their own sexual experience. They are looking for answers and they deserve sensible, viable options.

 Our Story

While attending a friend's party in 2001, pk24 founder and Chief Executive Officer overheard a shocking and enlightening conversation among several men, who didn't know she and their wives were listening.

"One of the husbands made a very off-handed remark about what he would do to be 20 years old and have those days back. The other men laughed and agreed," said the founder. "Then another husband made a comment that shocked us all. He said, 'You know I love my wife but four kids have really loosened things up down there.'"

"Quite honestly, this was the first time I had ever heard a comment like this," the founder continued. "My girlfriends never complained about this side effect of childbirth, and my mother never mentioned it, either. I remembered a high school P.E. teacher talking to us about Kegel’s and I wondered, could this be what she was referring to?"

She decided to conduct some research and quickly discovered that vaginal relaxation, vaginal laxity was a very real condition affecting 40 million American of women and untold millions of women world wide. 

Vaginal laxity was considered an extremely private matter and therefore, rarely discussed. Women can be reluctant to discuss this change in their bodies and they resign to simply accepting these dramatic changes as a natural part of life due to childbirth, hormone imbalance, and aging.

Women who seek out a solution often end up discouraged because there is a limited amount of available information and the primary medical advice leads women to believe their only option is to undergo an expensive surgical procedure.

The founder became interested in finding a safe and reasonable, non-surgical solution to vaginal relaxation and vaginal loosening. She soon established a relationship with a US manufacturer complete with the required pharmaceutical grade, sanitary protocols and the FDA inspections and audit requirements. After four years of research, formulation and product testing, reformulations and more testing, the impressive result was pk24.

The company was founded in 2001 and pk24 was introduced in June 2004.  Since then the company has evolved into a globally respected skin care company dedicated to providing high performance skin care formulas focused on effective solutions for skin laxity, and the many challenges associated with maturing skin. All of our formulas are solidly backed by science and are designed to deliver meaningful, immediate, and beneficial effects for the skin. 

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