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Amazon Product Description

What is PK24 Creme? 

PK24 Creme is a non-surgical solution for vaginal tightening enhancement. Clinically tested for safety and efficacy by the National Institute of Clinical Research in Los Angeles, CA. 

How does PK24 work? 

The effective cream hydrates the interior vaginal walls to create a tightening effect lasting up to 24 hours. By temporarily restoring the feeling of youthful resilience to an important personal part of the body, pk24 is intended to provide women with a renewed sense of sexual confidence and empowerment.
Benefits and what problem does it solve? 
An estimated 30 million American women suffer from the symptoms of vaginal relaxation as a result of childbirth, aging or muscular de-conditioning. This often means that women no longer experience the same pleasure from intercourse they once did due to lack of friction with their lover. 


What does Feminine Sexual Esteem mean? 

The term, "feminine sexual esteem," relates to women taking action to dramatically improve and enhance the quality of their own sexual experience. They are looking for answers and are demanding sensible, viable options. PK24 is safe and comprised of a proprietary blend of natural and FDA-approved ingredients. PK24 is formulated and manufactured in the United States.