It's Almost Fall Ya'll!

Regardless of where we live, the beach, tropical or subtropical climates the mountains or the inner city, our skin gets super stressed when seasons change.

Summer heat and humidity, the sun & pool chlorine, scorching, dry climates take a toll on our skin. Soon we'll have brrrr cold, drying air but for now, It's Football Season! This means sunny days and cooler nights. Hot stadium seats by day and cozy fire pits and new routines at night. Fall is an absolute blast with tons to do and it's also the perfect time to get serious about repairing your summer skin and strengthening it before Winter rolls in.

 Boutique 24 has over 35 amazing skincare formulas and we have a massive 20% off sale going on right now. This is our 18th Annual Fall Savings and the savings are storewide. 

Simplify your skin care routine and now's the time to pick up extras because everything is super cost-effective.

You guys already know every one of our elevated skincare formulas are dermatologist formulated and thousands of estheticians use our skincare formulas in their clinics. 

What you may not know is that Boutique 24 offers all of these high-performance, professional skincare formulas exclusively to our clients, you, at 50% below the clinician's premium retail prices!  

In the spirit of transparency, our packaging is a little different and we've tweaked the names of the items a little bit as a courtesy to our clinicians so they can maintain their retail price structure but the formulas in each pk24 container are exactly the same high-performance professional formulas that are retailed at premium prices in thousands of esthetician clinics.

Back to Fall Skincare: After enjoying all the out & about activities Fall has to offer & you're finally home, what will you be doing?  How about honing in on a new simplified skincare routine that will ensure your skin is exceptionally clean, properly exfoliated, nourished, and super healthy?

Our skin is one of our most important and vulnerable assets. After all, it stays with us our entire lives so we have to take care of it and Fall is definitely the season to replenish, repair, strengthen, and protect your skin.

Here are a few skincare recommendations to put you on the fast-track to super healthy, glowing, skin.

1. The Ultimate Scrub: This may be the worlds greatest exfoliant. It certainly is one of the Most Extensively Researched Exfoliating Blends Developed For The Skin. 

  • Lipid-Rich, nourishing, and provides outstanding skin-barrier protection.
  • Proprietary Blend of non-abrading organic, perfectly rounded micro-grains
  • Plant Flower Extracts, Vitamin B5, Orange Peel, Vitamin A, B5 & B7.
  • Ecuadorian Ivory Palm Seeds | gentle, non-abrading micro-grains buff away unwanted surface cells & grime.
  • Jojoba Beads | non-abrasive, biodegradable alternative to polyethylene beads that gently polish away surface cells.
  • Aloe |  hydrating gel; keeps skin moist and supple
  • Calcium Pantothenate | stabilized form of Vitamin B5; conditions, softens, and hydrates.
  • Soothing Plant Extracts | keep skin calm and comfortable during the exfoliating process, eliminates redness and yep, added protection of the skin barrier.

3. Moisturize!

 Calming Bio-Lipid Repair Fluid Deeply Moisturizing, Skin Barrier Repair

This ultra-lightweight, skin calming, and deeply moisturizing lotion supports the repair of protective bio-lipids in the skin, inspires increased barrier-lipid production, and delivers prolonged skin-soothing comfort and hydrating relief to skin on contact.


  • This may be the greatest skin calming bio-lipid repair formula period. It is nothing short of amazing.
  • Ultra-lightweight, deeply moisturizing fluid creme.
  • Specially formulated to help calm and soothe redness and irritation.
  • Dermatologist formulated and tested for sensitive skin.
  • Skin feel comfortable and moist day and night.
  • Fades red tones in minutes.
  • Softens and diminishes signs of aging.
  • Provides deep moisture and supports skin-barrier health
  • All skin types: dry, depleted, combination, sensitive, aging

The Ingredients in this formula are incredible! Click Here for the list.

Oil-Free Hydrating Creme

Ultra-lightweight, sheer, surface-refining. Reprograms Oily Skin, Lipid Rich plant Squalane fluid sends water-filled MoistureZomes deep into the skin, farther than water can penetrate on its own; delivers continual bursts of moisture. Keeps skin comfortably moist and hydrated.

This is an amazing formula! If you have sensitive, combination, or oily skin, you've got to try this!

Every formula is made in The USA, ethically sourced, vegan, dermatologist formulated, clinically proven, and designed to be highly beneficial to even the most sensitive skin.

We also have an absolutely wonderful new V Spot Vulva Balm.  You guys already know pk24 Feminine V-Tightening and Bliss Restoration Creme is amazing so just imagine what I've designed for our new Super-Hydrating Vulva Balm.   

  • 🌿 Nourishing Botanical Oils: Infused with superior Grape Seed Extract Oil, fragrant Frankincense, healing Myrrh, protective Cortex Phellodendri, and nurturing Bombyx Batryticatus. Each ingredient is carefully selected to nurture, heal & protect delicate skin.

  • Super-Hydrator Bursting With 💦 Time-Released Hyaluronic Acid: The advanced technology of time-released Hyaluronic Acid TR ensures prolonged moisture infusion and deep hydration so skin remains comforted and conditioned as bounce-back volume and resilience is replenished..

  • Rejuvenating Powerhouse: With anti-aging ingredients, elasticity boosting liposomes delivering multiple skin firming properties, our V Balm enhances skin's texture, replenishes hydrating volume to revitalize delicate feminine skin.
  • Squalane Oil Derived From Olives. An excellent natural emollient that smoothes and softens skin to Improve texture. Similar to the skin’s natural oil (sebum), easily penetrates skin and boosts elasticity and promotes firmer skin.
  • 🌟 Unique Anti-Aging & Skin Firming Peptides: Provide anti-aging benefits that rejuvenate and help to re-firm intimate feminine skin. Designed to boost elasticity and restore cherished-bounce-back resilience to intimate skin.

  • The V Spot Vulva Balm epitomizes the perfect blend of feminine insight, feminine sensibilities, and anti-aging science.
  • A formula designed by women who comprehends your intimate skin care needs on the deepest level.

Save on everything for the next 48 Hours! Take 10% off of your entire order by entering Promo Code: CANDY at check out.

I hope you all love the new higher end packaging & the awesome & exclusive Boutique 24 prices.

I always tell me girlfriends that I have the absolute best clientele in the world but I don't often get to say this to you guys. Thank you for all the kindnesses and support you constantly show my staff and Boutique 24 over all. You guys are amazing!

Come save a ton & enjoy the season!


President | Boutique 24 |



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