Ultimate Scrub Ingredients



Ecoscrub - eco-friendly micro grains gently polish away surface cells

Jojoba perfectly rounded microbeadlets assists in surface cell removal

Aloe Barbadensis gel is a hydrating gel that keeps skin moist and supple

Calcium Pantothenate is a stabilized form of vitamin B5 that conditions, softens, and hydrates skin.

Soothing Plant Extracts to keep skin calm and comfortable during the exfoliating process.

ACTION: Gentle micro grains refine skin to new clarity and smoothness, while the ultra-moisturizing scrub base keeps skin supple and comfortable throughout the exfoliation process.

Buffs away fine lines visibly to diminish coarse or enlarged pores, and helps slow signs of aging.

Safe for delicate skin because unlike other scrubs that contain large, sharp, or hard-to-rinse granules, The Ultimate Scrub protects the skin.

Skin feels remarkably smooth and moist within seconds, stays noticeably smooth for days and days.

Polyethylene-Free and does not contain harsh abrasives or emulsifiers, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, colorants or parabens.

pH 5.0