GMP Certified and Compliant

 Manufacturing: all products are CGMP Certified and Compliant.

  • Highest standards and regulations.
  • Strict quality control for stability, packaging, durability, and microbiological testing.
  • FDA compliant facilities, components and equipment used in manufacturing.

  • pk24 is packaged in a sanitary, pharmaceutical grade botte with an airless pump dispenser.

    Activating the pump; upon first time use, depress the pump dispenser with several quick pumps. There is no tube inside of an airless pump dispenser. 

    Depressing the pump creates a vacuum which draws the product upward to the nozzle. This design is especially important because:

    • The formula inside is available for use without any waste.
    • The formula stays ultra fresh with extended shelf life due to the lack of air contact. 
    • The formula remains sanitary and bacteria free, unlike products packed in a non airless bottle, jar, or squeeze tube.

    Components: Our pk24 bottle is pharmaceutical grade. The bottles are responsibly manufactured in a sanitary controlled environment. None of our bottles or pump components are manufactured in China. The bottle material is stable  with zero toxic emissions. 

    Use is purely optional and designed to enhance sexual satisfaction. 


    Do not begin using pk24 if you are experiencing any vaginal disorders such as infection, yeast infection, irritation, itching or unusual discharge.  pk24 is not intended to treat or cure any disease. pk24 will not prevent pregnancy and is not a contraceptive. Pre-existing vaginal disorders: Seek medical attention to clear up any pre-existing vaginal disorders prior to using. Hypersensitive skin allergies vary please check with your doctor prior use if you have a history of hypersensitivity; patch test for hypersensitivity.

    If you are pregnant or nursing check with your doctor prior to use.