Blur Wrinkle Diffuser Ingredients & Usage


Chlorella Vulgaris - Harvested from the pristine waters of Britanny, this peptide-rich microalgae amplifies youthful skin proteins while protecting them from destructive enzymes. The result is denser, firmer, more wrinkle-resistant skin.
Adenosine Triphosphate - This fuel molecule energizes cellular activity, shortening the cell’s response time for self-repair, protein production, and natural antioxidant protection. Skin looks naturally brighter.
Smooth a medium pearl size dose over moisturizers, serums, and/or sunscreen.

Allow 2 minutes for Blur to set before applying makeup.

May be worn in place of foundation for a brightened, healthy & natural glow. 

*If combined with Glass Skin, allow Glass Skin to set for 1-2 mins before applying Blur.

 Facial Procedure - applying a medium-sized pearl of Blur over moisturizer and sunscreen at the end of the facial add an extra glow.