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Welcome to our blog. Thank you for deciding to take some time out of your busy day to visit our website and read our blog. Thank you for being one of our loyal customers and for trusting our products. We appreciate when you recommend us to your friends and family. You are the reason we are here and we promise to continue striving every single day to satisfy you and to continue supporting you in making your relationship stronger.

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 Today we have chosen to show you how much we care about you, your relationship, your satisfaction & happiness. The good news is that, we are giving you 1001 reasons to continue shopping with us, recommending us to your friends, sharing our products on social media, visiting our website, and trusting our brand.

Allow us to welcome you to our customer loyalty program.  In the next few paragraphs I’ll explain to you how this program works and how to best gain from this program. We put our customers first and we are happy to share this loyalty program. 

Our customer loyalty program is based on the point system, that is, you get X number of points for doing X number of activities. There are numerous activities to earn points because we want everyone to be rewarded for joining the pk24 family.

The exciting news is that, you get cash, yes in dollars for every point you earn.

Click here https://www.pk24.com/pages/reward to enroll in our amazing customer loyalty reward program.

Thank you for your loyalty

 Now let’s talk about how to earn these points, how to boost your points and how to redeem these points for cash.

Earning Points

There are twelve (12) different ways to earn points in the pk24 customer loyalty program. Some activities give more points than others so we’ll talk about each activity and how many points you can earn.

  1. Create an account: We are delighted to welcome you to the pk24 family so we are giving you 50 points for creating your account. Having an account with us gives you free access to all our perks and VIP membership benefits. To create and your account and earn your 50 points, just visit our online store at pk24.com, look down to the bottom right corner of your screen, you’ll see a REWARDS button with a pink circle white aqua dot, just click on it, a pop up will appear on the screen, click the pink CREATE A STORE ACCOUNT button, another pop up will appear with a form, enter your email, your password and click the CREATE ACCOUNT button and boom 50 points will be credited to your account.
  2. Leave reviews: For every review you write, you earn 50 points and you can double your points by adding a photo to your review. To leave a review, click the REVIEWS button at the left center side of your screen, a pop up will slide in, click the + ADD REVIEWS button, choose the number of stars on the top of the review form, write the title of your review, write your review, add your photos and then click the SHARE REVIEW button and get your points.
  3. Subscribe to our newsletter: We give you 50 points for joining our mailing list to receive newsletters about promotions and updates. Just scroll down to the bottom of our website, you'll see a form, enter your email address, click the “subscribe” button beside the form and get your 50 points.
  4. Place orders: For every $1 you spend, you get 1 point. So spending $1000 gives you 1000 points you can redeem for cash. There is no limit so go ahead and place your orders as many as you want.
  5. Follow Us on Instagram: Follow our instagram page @pk24.usa and get 25 points.
  6. Visit our Facebook Page: Visit our page @PK24, like our page for updates and earn 25 points.
  7. Share on Social: Share our products with your followers, friends and family and earn 25 points. Click the buy now button of your favourite products, on the product page under the buy it now button, click the social media icons to share the product on each platform. This action can be done 10 times.
Click here https://www.pk24.com/pages/reward to enroll in our amazing customer loyalty reward program.
  1. Complete your profile: Help us to better keep track of your points so that we can help you earn more points by completing your profile. Click the rectangular lines icon at the top right corner of our website, scroll down on the pop up to the “My Account” section, click on “My Account”, login to your account and go to your profile page and add the necessary details to complete your account.
  2. Celebrate your birthday with us: Add your birthday to your profile so that we can celebrate it with you by giving your 25 points and freebies. Your points are multiplied by 1.2 if your place orders on your birthday.
  3. Share a wishlist: Add products to your wishlist by clicking the love (heart) icon on top of every product, share these wishlists with your loved ones and get 20 points.
  4. Spend More, Get More: Earn 20 points for every $150 you spend on our online store, so you can spend $1,500 to get 200 points.
  5. Buy Our Feminine Esteem product, get Extra Points: Earn extra 10 points for every pk24 Feminine Tightening Cream you buy.
Click here https://www.pk24.com/pages/reward to enroll in our amazing customer loyalty reward program.
Building strong relationships

 Spending Points

There are two ways to spend or redeem your points, we have made spending your points exciting and simple. The first way is that you get 20% OFF for every 1000 points you want to spend from your account so you will pay half the price for any product you buy if you decide to spend 2500 points. The second way is that, you get 15% OFF if you want to spend 500 points on any product you buy.

Make sure you are logged into your account, and on the checkout page choose the number of points you want to spend and the discount will be automatically applied to your orders.

Click here https://www.pk24.com/pages/reward and click on the FAQ to learn more about the program or reach out to us at pk24info@gmail.com for more enquiries.

Favorite Vaginal Tightening Cream

 Go ahead and take advantage of this amazing customer loyalty program and shop more of your favorite vaginal rejuvenation cream and pay less. Share this good news with your loved ones so that you all can build stronger and happy relationships together. Keep sharing the pleasure.

Click here https://www.pk24.com/pages/reward to join our amazing customer loyalty reward program.

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