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Imperfection Cloaking Device! Blur Wrinkle Diffuser Blurs Imperfections Powerplex

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Ohlii Blur Wrinkle Diffuser

Instantly Blurs Wrinkles & Imperfections!

PowerPlex Blurring & Perfecting Cream

Light Refraction, Wrinkle Diffusing Emulsion

30 ml, 1.7 oz

Manufactured in America


This is a fast-acting, age-defying cream that instantly blurs imperfections and perfects skin’s texture as it revitalizes the skin’s barrier function and boosts hydration.

Ohlii Blur Imparts a dual-pronged effect; initially targeting the skin’s surface upon application with light-diffusing particles that visibly soften the edges of harsh lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores. Ohlii Blur evens skin tone and mutes reddened skin tones (even the redness of rosacea).

A blend of revolutionary soft-light diffusion technologies makes all of this possible. Ohlii Blur Wrinkle Diffuser is 

• For a smooth-as-glass finish that lasts for hours

• Visibly softens harsh lines, wrinkles & large pores

• Leaves skin feeling ultra-silky, soft & protected

• Age-fighting correctors deliver long-lasting results from within

  • Three-Dimensional Holographic Molecules reflect light away from the skin, giving a radiant smoothness to even the roughest surface as optic Microlenses soften harsh skin tones, visibly muting uneven color, redness, and other discolorations.
  • Skin looks as if it is being viewed through a camera’s soft-focus lens, with a smoother, younger, close-to-perfect surface that lasts for hours.
  • Uniprosyn PS-18 enhances this line-diffusing emulsion’s ability to boost the skin’s barrier by acting on the major causes of its degradation and at every level of skin protection. It promotes the rapid synthesis of filaggrin, one of the barrier’s major proteins, and an increase of lipids composition.

In addition to visible surface repair, three age-fighting correctors work within the skin to deliver long-lasting results.

Ohlii Blur Wrinkle Diffuser

  1. Chlorella Vulgaris - Harvested from the pristine waters of Britanny, this peptide-rich microalgae amplifies youthful skin proteins while protecting them from destructive enzymes. The result is denser, firmer, more wrinkle-resistant skin.
  2. Adenosine Triphosphate - This fuel molecule energizes cellular activity, shortening the cell’s response time for self-repair, protein production, and natural antioxidant protection. Skin looks brighter and younger – naturally.
  3. Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate - Recognizing inflammation is the bottom line of aging, this ultra-calming molecule from licorice keeps skin calm while soothing visible redness and sensitivity. Men and women will love the rub-resistant coverage without the opaque look of foundation. For a smooth-as-glass finish, apply over Equalizing Serum (allow the serum to absorb before applying Perfect Skin). It does not contain fragrance, mineral oil, lanolin, alcohol, synthetic color, or parabens.

Smooth a medium pearl size dose over moisturizer and sunscreen.

Allow 2 minutes for Ohlii Blur to set before applying makeup.

May be worn in place of foundation for a more natural look. 

Facial Procedure - Give skin an ultra-smooth finish by applying a medium-sized pearl of Ohlii Blur over moisturizer and sunscreen at the end of the facial.

*Salon Demonstration 

To demonstrate the line-diffusing, pore “shrinking” and color-normalizing effects of Ohlii Blur, apply a half-portion to one side of the client’s face. After two minutes, ask the client to look in a mirror so she can see the astonishing difference.

Note: less foundation is needed and many clients forego foundation frequently.

This is such a lovely product and most everyone who tries it, won't go without it!


Uniprosyn PS-18 | essential molecules of hydrolyzed oat protein extract, energy-boosting ATP and niacinamide work together on improving barrier function for soft, smooth, more resilient skin Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) | cellular fuel-molecule; energizes for clear, naturally luminous skin Chlorella Vulgaris | peptide-rich microalgae protects and revives skin’s strengthening proteins to produce deep-down line-smoothing over time Dipotassium glycyrrhizate | soothing molecule from licorice; calms soothes visible redness.

No fragrance.

Solubility - Water-based emulsion.

pH - 5.5 

Ohlii Blur Wrinkle Diffuser



The Imperfection Cloaking Device! Blur Wrinkle Diffuser Blurs Imperfections Powerplex destined to impress, and priced at only $ 39.95, for a limited time.

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