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Oh, Snap! Deep Wrinkle Blaster Fast Action Powerplex

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Oh, Snap! Deep Wrinkle Blaster
INSTANTLY Relaxes and Softens Deep Wrinkles & Expression Lines
Clinically Proven & Patented 
Powerful Deep Wrinkle Release and Line Erasing Serum.

Instant and Lasting Results

Super-Charged Hydration and Nourishing

Client Focus Group Remarks

"Ohlii Snap is No Joke!" Wow, Wow, Wow! TY",  M. Sinclair - Santa Monica, CA 

"Oh Snap!, I am speechless. NEVER Stop Offering This!" K. Grayson, NY, NY

"I can't stop looking in the mirror! Where did my wrinkles go???"

Sheila E., Phoenix, AZ


Incredibly Fast and Highly Effective

30 Second Wrinkle Release Firming Serum

High-Performance Wrinkle Treatment 

Relaxes Deep Wrinkles Fast & Keeps on Working!

  • Quickly & Visibly Relaxes Deep Wrinkles. 
  • Smooths and softens all facial lines.
  • Deep wrinkles disappear & expression lines fade away
  • Rapid Lift to entire face and neck
  • Visibly lifts tired, tense skin in seconds
  • Rapid and Noticeable improvement of facial areas lacking firmness
  • Firms & Smoothes in seconds
  • Noticeably relaxes lines & skin is Taut again
  • A gentle at-home alternative to painful facial injections 
  • Formulated for All Skin Types

Taut, Lifted and Smoothed Skin Seconds 

Blendable and Resilient

There is no product on the market that works like Oh, Snap!

It is amazing. 

Relaxes Deep Wrinkles Fast

INSTANTLY Relaxes and Softens Deep Wrinkles & Expression Lines.

With Ohlii Snap, in just 30 Seconds, your skin is remodeled to look young again, visibly undoing years of stress and aging.



Two amazing technologies help ease surface micro-tension to visibly relax furrows on the forehead and lines around the eyes and mouth.

Line-relaxing SNAP-8, a patented neuropeptide, is more potent than the original line-relaxing peptide Argireline® (acetyl hexapeptide-8)

SNAP-8 reduces the depth of lines and wrinkles caused by gravity, constant pressure of the skin (e.g. during sleep), and repeated facial expressions.


Originally developed as a gentle cosmetic alternative to botulinum toxin, SNAP-8 has been found in clinical studies to reduce the depth of wrinkles by up to 63% after only 28 days of twice-daily use.

Ingredients infuse the skin in a flexible 3-D network of patented Almond Proteins to visibly lift in seconds. From this network, SNAP-8 targets the movement of surface wrinkles to help them fade away.

The total effect is so noticeable, a difference can be seen within the first few minutes of application.

Free of toxins, needles, or strange-looking side-effects. It allows for a completely natural look – never frozen, or mask-like. And because it is not a medical treatment, it is available without a prescription and may be applied anywhere it’s needed – not just between the brows. 

" Am I dreaming? I am astonished. I could not believe my eyes.
My deep frown lines are gone! Gone!!!" 
Janelle K. - FL

 Directions For Home Use

Apply liberally around the eyes, mouth, and other wrinkle-prone areas.

Follow with moisturizer and makeup.

For noticeable firming in seconds, do not use with oil-based products. Do not smile or otherwise move surface skin until the product is dry 30 to 45 seconds. 

Absorbs beautifully, is flexible, and improves skin texture and tone.

Salon and Clinician Facial Procedure: Serum Concentrate should be applied to the skin before moisturizer and at the end of the facial.

The serum may also be applied after moisturizer and/or sunscreen for an extra firming boost.


SNAP-8 patented octapeptide visibly relaxes lines, wrinkles, and frown line furrows due to micro-tension around eyes. Sweet Almond Extract - patented almond proteins help remodel skin’s surface to visibly lift and smooth wrinkles and fines lines, Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B 12) - cell energizer, Ergothioneine - antioxidant amino acid; helps counteract damage from oxidative stress.

Water (base), sweet almond (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis) seed extract (firming protein), pullulan (firming), acetyl octapeptide-3 (SNAP-8), ergothioneine (antioxidant), cyanocobalamin (vitamin B 12), methyl propanediol (antimicrobial preservative), xanthan gum (firming), carbomer (emulsion stabilizer), ethylhexylglycerin (hydrating), caprylhydroxamic acid (antimicrobial preservative), sodium benzoate (antimicrobial preservative), tromethamine (pH adjuster), caramel (hydrating).

It contains no fragrance or parabens – toxin-free.

pH of 6.2 

Water-based serum 


The Oh, Snap! Deep Wrinkle Blaster Fast Action Powerplex is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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