Every couple deserves a special getaway to enjoy to their hearts’ content — whether your idea of a good time is cozying up in a rustic lodge, lazing on a tropical beach, hitting the slopes, or sipping wine in the countryside, you need this getaway to spice things up in your relationship. Going on a weekend trip with your significant other is one of the best requirements to make your relationship strong, fun and exciting. Having fun with your partner at a tranquil and secluded place, just the two of you will increase the love you have for each other.

First of all, you need to plan; you need the best location, best food, the best hotel that’s perfect for both of you to have that romantic and sexy pleasure you deserve. Come together and research what suits you, where you can feel comfortable, welcomed and express your feelings.

You need to pack the right stuff.

The weekend is long. To get the most out of it, you need to bring only what is essential and that adds up to your fun and enjoyment. You’ll definitely need some toiletries, re-chargeable lamps, some books and music if you plan on going hiking or chilling in a remote place. To have the perfect, fun and memorable weekend rendezvous with your lover, we have a collection of essentials with an exclusive selection of items that give you all the satisfaction and enjoyment you deserve. It is The Weekender Collection. The Weekender Collection has all you need to enjoy every bit of your weekend rendezvous.

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The following are what is included in the Weekender Collection;

Our internationally renowned pk24 Intimate Tightening Cream

Our internationally renowned pk24 Intimate Tightening Cream

An estimated 40 million American women struggle with the symptoms of vaginal laxity as a result of childbirth, aging, or muscular de-conditioning. This often means that we no longer experience the same pleasure from intercourse we once did. This is primarily due to the loss of internal firmness and volume. Our pk24 Intimate Tightening Cream is multi-dimensional and this lovely topical cream gel provides a majority of the meaningful benefits that can be realized through vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Thousands of women have successfully opted-out of vaginal rejuvenation surgery because they found pk24 to be VERY effective for them.

This combination of effects causes you to become more orgasmic and increases your ability to better control your vaginal muscles. These are powerful and impactful effects for you and for your partner.

  • Clinically Proven Results
  • Significantly Tighter Feeling Vagina within Minutes.  
  • Tighter entry & passage
  • Fuller and more comprehensive internal gripping.
  • The perfect blend of orgasm-inducing friction and glide resulting in heightened gratification for you and for your partner.
  • Pk24 clients constantly speak of their soaring feminine sexual confidence and revitalized enthusiasm for sex. 
  • The pk24 Effect increases arousal and 89% of subjects reported increased arousal during sexual activity. This is another extremely impressive statistic.


Pk24 brings something extra for him too; men love knowing that they can satisfy us. It's very important to them. The pk24 effect amplifies and intensifies your pleasure, that is the primary goal of pk24 and when he sees how satisfied you are, this reinforces his own manly man confidence level.

We can't overstate how important this is and you already know this to be true so, trust us on this one, you are about to ignite a fire in him and both of you will be into it.

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Our Glass Skin Equalizing & Finishing Serum - So your complexion is dewy, glowing & flawless all weekend

Glass Skin Equalizing & Finishing Serum

Glass Skin preps skin beautifully for powders, mineral makeup, or liquid makeup by making the skin ultra-smooth. Or, wear it alone for polished natural look.

  • Glass Skin Equalizing Serum glides over the skin like a rich, luxurious gel yet, after only two minutes, even the roughest skin feels ultra-smooth, refined, and re-texturized with absolutely no trace. 
  • The Perfect Primer - "Glass Skin is a remarkable makeup primer."
  • Oily skin appears to produce less shine. Dry skin experiences a renewed glow & healthy vitality from the prolonged and balanced moisture control.
  • Strengthens skin’s natural moisture barrier.
  • Reduces skin's sensitivity.
  • Provides a shield against harsh or drying environments. 
  • Infuses skin-fortifying lipids into damaged layers.
  • Strengthens skin's barrier, repairing damage from UV light, and making underlying layers more resistant to dryness and irritation.
  • Targets lipids between the skin cells and acts as a breathable barrier to shield skin from dryness and irritants.
  • No colorants or preservatives. Does not clog pores.

Our Gentle & Instant Eye Firming Gel -Travel Size

Gentle & Instant Eye Firming Gel

Dark crescents and puffiness under the eyes can create a deceptively old and troubled appearance. To restore a more youthful and energetic gaze, we’ve created this delicate and easy to apply serum. PK24’s Gentle & Instant Eye Firming Gel is a dynamic and effective dark circle elimination treatment.

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Our Gorgeous Artist Rendered Watercolor Peonies Lounging Kimono - To make sure you look and feel like the most desirable and touchable woman on earth.

Watercolor Peonies Lounging Kimono

One-touch of the buttery soft satin & silk fabric and you’ll be swept up in the robe’s luxury and quality. The subtle shimmer of the fabric is enchanting and adds to its feminine allure.

Thi robe is delicately crafted with an artist-rendering of splendid peony florals in powdery-soft pink, violet, and fern watercolors. Every detail has been carefully illustrated with soft romantic hues to make lounging, bath time & bedtime special.


Superior quality, beautifully constructed & made to last.

  • Small, Med, Large (fits true to American size)
  • Please remember to select your size when adding to your cart. 
  • Wrap Front Kimono style
  • Tailored collar
  • Self-tie wrap belt and secure closure inner waist tie 
  • Invisible side slide-in pockets
  • 3/4 length sleeves
  • Buttery Soft, Silk-Polyester-Satin Blend, Breathable.
  • Superior non-crush fabric
  • Designed in Australia

Care: Machine wash | gentle cycle or hand wash in cold or lukewarm water | hang-dry or tumble dry.

Our Weekender Clutch Cosmetic Bag: Beautiful one-of-a-kind, handcrafted weekender cosmetic clutch. Handcrafted & lined, water-resistant lining, long silk tassel.

Weekender Clutch Cosmetic Bag

This amazing bag gives you the pleasure to arrange and pack your essentials comfortably discretely and makes your journey exciting.


The Weekender Collection was created to expand your personal options and to increase your pleasure. We are giving you more reasons to feel close and amplify your love life. This is every couple’s secret to stronger, fun and more exciting relationships

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March 04, 2021 — Hoy Dino llc

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