Do you think your man is thinking about you right now? It’s great if your answer is a Yes, and if No, what could he possibly be thinking about. This is where most of us pause for a minute and ask, could he possibly thinking about other girls? This is not what we all want in a relationship; your man thinking about other women- No!

Well, it’s your responsibility to encourage your guy’s wandering mind to always focus back on you, always, even during the busiest days. Imagine him now, trying to focus on his work, yet his thoughts keep happily meandering around to images of you. At this point, you know you’re all he desires and thinks about but to get to these, you need a few tricks and works on your part.

With a few well-placed innuendos in the morning, followed up with a few, umm — how should I put it? — a few well-timed reminders during the day, he will be unable to focus on anything else but you all the time. Yes, you need to ingrain yourself into his thoughts with images and the things you do always reflecting in his mind.

Here are seven (7) things to do that will make him desire you so much that you are all he always thinks about;

  1. The morning charm, do it early in the morning.
The morning charm, do it early in the morning.

Walk around as long as possible in your underwear and "accidentally" brush your body up against his as you are getting ready for work. He is your man and he needs to adore your body. So, make him feel the desire to always think about it.

Squeeze in a few subtle moments in which you bend over seductively. He won't know what to do with himself. Just keep it simply sexy because these are the moments he’ll have in his mind all day.

  1. Give him a deep kiss

Give him a deep kiss

Right before work, give him a kiss he'll be thinking about all day long — a kiss that will leave him seriously considering calling in sick. I'm talking a five-minute-long teasing kiss that will cause him to need a respirator to breathe.

Or, if you'd like to try the more obvious approach, you could start a certain act but not finish it. He won’t be able to wait to get back home early and continue that act. Men desire for women who give them what they want and keeping their mind on that act would always make them think about you.

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  1. Be Full of Surprises.

Be Full of Surprises.

Make it hard for him to easily predict your ideas or plans for him. If you always meet up after work, mix it up- suggest different locations. Surprise him by showing up in his office in an unusual dress with a cup of coffee or flowers. Just give him a kiss and tell him to have a good day or come home early.

Invite him to meet you at a bar you've never been to and have a spontaneous treat with him. Ask him to help you remove your underwear in your car and put him on until when he wants you to do it in the car. Then, you let him stop and continue in the bedroom. He will always be expecting your surprises and craving you since you’re always making him think about these surprises.

  1. Praise his bedroom talents.

Praise his bedroom talents.

Make him feel good about how lucky you are to have a man like him. Tell him what you love about him in bed. Think about the kinds of moves he performs and let him know how you enjoy those moves.

Trust me, he wants to receive adulation for his techniques, which will only encourage him to come up with more ways to please you. Giving you so much of what you like is what will keep you in his mind and keep his desires so much for you.

  1. Be silly and playful.

Be silly and playful.

Don’t be carried away by these suggestions that may seem like you need to be overtly seductive to make him think of you. You know yourself and your man and what will and won't work. So be sure to put your personal spin on everything.

Do unexpected silly things. Wrestle him on the couch. Grab some whipped cream and squirt it on your nose. Or think of a silly, unique way to lead him into the bedroom.

Basically, make him laugh, because love is supposed to be fun.

And what's more fun than being able to be truly yourself when seducing your love?

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  1. Listen to him.

Listen to him

Let him know you are there for him and understand his dreams, ambitions and support whatever he does or says. Ask him to share his day with you, ask him questions that show you’re really interested in what he is saying. Call or text him out the blue to have deep conversations with him.

If he's not responding back to your flirty texts, ask him what he's thinking about. Then put your whole self into actively listening, encouraging him to share what's going on and then repeating back what you think you heard him say so he knows you've heard him and that you understand.

Politely make suggestions to him and, together, come up with something different every day to keep your relationship fun and exciting.

  1. Keep your promises.

Keep your promises

This helps you build trust and keep your relationship strong. Do what you say you're going to do whenever possible. If you aren’t able to follow through on an enticing tease you've been hinting about because of a last-minute assignment or a family situation, be sure to acknowledge it. Let him know why you're unable to keep the implied commitment and be sure to reschedule your much anticipated alone time.

His desires for you would keep increasing when he can trust and confide in you. He would feel lucky to be in a relationship with you and his thoughts would never go off you because he wouldn’t want to lose someone who makes him happy by doing what he wants whenever possible.

The more ways you can show him that you want him, the more he'll want you, too — and desire you so much.

It’s all about the little things, and they add up fast. Trying one new sultry thing a week to keep your relationship fresh and interesting for the both of you, it’s the fun and excitement that’ll keep both you glued together and fulfil the promise that, till death do us part.

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February 18, 2021 — Hoy Dino llc

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