Lux Selfcare By: HoyDinoHalloween costume

  It's Fall ya'll. It does not matter who you are. If you do not live in a tropical or subtropical climate, your skin is STRESSED from the wind and cold.  Saturday evening we will all be out in social-distancing droves, doing the long-awaited trick or treating.  It will most likely be cold, windy, and for many of us rainy.  Ugh... (who wants to get their costume wet?  Not me.)

  After you have enjoyed all the evening has to offer, come home, and taken off your costume- What will you be doing?  Is making sure your skin is healthy the next step?  I hope so.  Our skin is not disposable. We will have it our whole lives.  We have to take care of it.  Fall is defiantly a time that can age your skin.

Let me tell you a bit about what I will be doing Saturday evening to make sure all the fun of Halloween does not leave its lasting effects on my face.  So, I'm going as a unicorn.  Me, Terralynn, CEO  of pk24- a unicorn.  Silver horn, pink hair, and a rainbow-colored tutu.  Life is short, live it up.  I want to enjoy this evening it only comes around once a year.When I get home, I will need to change into comfy clothes.  But, then I will need to tackle the face paint from my costume.  I don't want to alter the healthy pH and biome layer I have worked so hard to maintain for my skin.  


First, I will use the Sea Whip mask to soak off the think makeup I have on. Normally it is not a makeup remover.  But, I don't want to scrub too hard at my skin and tear the collagen layer.  I'll let it sit for a good ten minutes while I upload photos from the evening to my Instagram and Facebook Feed. Then I will deep clean my pores with The Ultimate Scrub. I don't know about y'all, but if I don't deep cleanse after that thick makeup, I will look like a teenager again.  No, thank you. I will help replenish my skin with the sinfully amazing Dew Drops from Heaven and finish off with the Photobyotic Cream before bed.  

I do have an absolutely fabulous eye cream.  More to come on this in a later post.  Let me tell you though, "If you think Feminine Esteem is amazing, imagine what I designed for an eye cream.  

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