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Glow Up Complexion: Capture his attention in seconds

Know that friend with the glowing complexion who turns heads and captures the attention of men? Well, there’s no reason you can’t be just like her! 

While there’s no magic potion when it comes to aging skin, understanding the science behind balanced skin will help slowing down the process. Think in terms of two important factors: Hydration and Moisturizing. Both of these elements are important to your natural skincare routine and can mean a massive confidence boost when done properly. Let’s take a look at each concept and how they can translate to supple, younger-looking skin. 

The hydration factor

Put simply, healthy skin is hydrated skin. While drinking water helps with this goal, it’s not that simple. You can drink a lot of water but still be prone to subpar skin due to inadequate levels of water beneath the surface and/or the proper Ph. 

What’s the remedy then for better skin care? Preserving or increasing the water levels in your skin can be achieved by using certain techniques and products. For instance, using a humidifier, mister, shea butter, night cream, or a steamer can give your skin a hydration boost. With respect to a skincare line, women with stunningly-flawless skin know that humectants (like aloe, honey, and hyaluronic acid) can save the day. 

These superstars absorb water from the air or underlying layers of the skin and bring it to the surface level. 

The result is that the skin can better retain moisture and can enhance the efficacy of other skincare products. Speaking of products, serums containing hyaluronic acid can support your skin in this way. 


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Best Facial Moisturizer for Women

If you follow a multi-step skincare routine yet still struggle with less-than-ideal skin, you might need a face cream moisturizing boost that targets those fine lines. Dry, dull or tight skin can indicate that your skin is “leaky.” In other words, when this happens it’s losing water and thus the appearance and condition suffers. This can mean prematurely aging skin, and no one wants that! 

Facial moisturizing, on the other hand, can curb leaks and prevent your skin from losing hydration. These products seal in moisture and build the skin’s protective barrier so that it remains soft and smooth. He won’t be able to resist your youthful vibe, we promise!

Hydrators vs moisturizers?

Both hydration and moisturizing products aim to maintain the water levels in your skin. They’re both necessary and there are no shortcuts. That’s because when a moisturizer is coupled with hydrators every day, your skin can maintain a texture that pulls water into your skin cells and has a strong protective barrier to keep it in. When hydration and moisturizing team up, you can expect next-level results. 

Remember, there’s nothing sexier than confidence. And a more vibrant version of yourself is downright irresistible. Maintaining a consistent skincare routine — and harnessing the power of science — can be your secret weapon in looking and feeling your best this summer and beyond. 


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